Is Disney+ worth it?

Even though Disney+ has only been available in the U.K. for the last 2 days, I can already say that it is worth the price!!!

The price is cheaper than Netflix, understandably because obviously there’s only Disney films available and it won’t be updated as much as what Netflix does. But for £5.99 a month I think it’s so worth it. Even if you had the subscription for a few months, watch all that you’d like and then cancel; the amount of films and series and documentaries on there is fantastic!

There’s something for everyone on there, whether you like action Marvel films, Disney princess films, Disney channel films or even behind the scenes at the Disney parks; you will have a supply of plenty to watch! Also, Disney films are for any age, therefore, it would be a great streaming service for a family with kids, or a couple, whoever it may be, Disney films are suitable for everyone!

Even though it won’t be updated with new films constantly like Netflix, there will be coming soon films such as Frozen 2. So eventually you will be able to watch all the new upcoming films through Disney+.

If you was unsure about whether to commit and sign up for Disney+, they are offering a 7 day free trial. I think this is a great idea (most streaming services do offer a free trial) but it allows you to check out what’s on there and whether there’s enough for you to keep entertained!

I think if you are a huge Disney fan then you probably already have Disney+, but if not then you NEED it! It’s so fun to be able to go through and watch all the films I used to love as a kid and to be able to enjoy them now as a 20 year old! Apart from the films, I think it’s amazing that they have included tv shows and films from Disney channel. The fact that I can now sit and watch Hannah Montana again makes me so happy haha! It’s a great streaming service and I think even if you aren’t a huge Disney fan, it’s worth doing the 7 day free trial but there’s so much on there to watch. Especially in the current situation with the isolation, having something new to watch could in-fact help a lot of you get through this that little bit easier!

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