Disney Activities to do with your kids!

So, this current time in the world isn’t a very enjoyable one and it’s tough trying to think of new distractions to take your mind off what’s happening and things to keep everyone happy. Now, I’m not a mum nor am I near to being one, but I thought it may be a nice idea to try and help think of some activities you could do with your little ones!

Another thing to add is obviously it’s very hard to get to the shops right now so I will try and keep the supplies to a minimal because shops like hobby craft isn’t going to be open for example.

Colouring in:
Kids absolutely love colouring in, it keeps them busy and they love using all the different coloured pens, pencils or paints! An easy way to do this is if you can print out some disney outlines from Google, like this:

Image result for disney colouring in

Google have so many different images you could print off. If not you could always try to create an image yourself for them to colour in; which could infact be that bit nicer since you would’ve drawn it!

Again, noting on the lack of ingredients with the UK people going crazy in the supermarkets, but if you are lucky enough to get some baking ingredients then this will be such a fun activity to do! You could for example make Micky Shaped Cookies (I have a blog post on this – https://thedisneyway.blog/2019/09/09/disney-baking-mickey-cookie-recipe/) Or even if you did some cupcakes but iced them the colour of Donald Duck (blue, white and yellow). Be creative with it but it doesn’t have to be a work of art, the kids will enjoy the quality time together and baking may be something quite new to them and therefore they may be stuck right in with it!

Build a fort and watch a movie:
All kids want to do is build a fort. Using blankets and pillows and chairs and duvets, it’s so fun to kids to have a little den for them. A perfect way to make it more entertaining is by then putting on a film either on a laptop if the fort isn’t near a TV or of course using the TV. But this will keep the kids busy for a good few hours and they’ll love to just sit in their fort. I was a huge fort fan back in the day! Plus, now we have Disney+, there’s SO much your kids can watch!

Build your own Disneyland/ Disney World:
Okay you may of read that title and thought ‘sorry what Georgia?????’ I get it, it’s a lot of effort potentially and a lot of arts and crafts, BUT get the Lego out, cut up some card, use teddy bears, get creative in what you can use to create your own Disney! You could all look at photos or videos together of a particular park and try to recreate it. Personally, I think this is a great idea and it would take up a lot of time so maybe a weekend may be best!

Make up a Dance:
You can still go in the garden so get some fresh air, put on your favourite Disney song and ask the kids to create a show for you. Whether that’s some acting or dancing, they’ll love to produce something to show you. You could even give them props to use as musical instruments. Let them run wild with the creation and you may be surprised as to how good their performance is! Plus, Disney songs are so great, there will be plenty to choose from.

Dress up as the characters:
Some of you might already have some Disney character costumes, however you could all try and figure out what items of clothing you could use to make yourself look like a Disney princess, or Mickey Mouse. Have fun with it and go through your clothes to see what you could produce!

Create a story:
Disney stories have to have a happily ever after ending, so why not ask your kids to produce a story which ends positively! They’ll have fun creating the characters and naming them and thinking of a story line – plus its going to keep their brains being active and creative!

These are few ideas that I think would make this whole isolation situation just that little bit better. Stay safe and have fun!

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