Disney+ is here! What am I most excited about to watch?

The day is finally here for us!!! Disney+ is all set up on my TV and I cannot wait to begin my watching (there’s going to be a lot of hours spent on this haha!)

I thought it would be cool and in line with the celebration of it being available, to do a post on what I’m most excited about to watch! Plus, with the whole self isolation going on in the world right now, some Disney excitement is what we all need!

Disney channel was my life back in the day, honestly everyday I would watch at least one show on there, but I especially loved the Disney channel films. Knowing that I am now able to watch these films again after so many years MAKES ME SO EXCITED!! We’ve got the absolute classics, the Cheetah Girls, Geek Charming, Let it Shine, Lemonade Mouth, Starstuck…the list goes on! I don’t even know where to start with these films because I love all of them!!!!

Along with my massive excitement for the Disney channel films, I’m also excited to finally know what this High School Musical Series is all about. Much like every other child back in the day, HSM was my life. I had a HSM lunchbox, school bag, pillow, I had so much High School Musical merch I could’ve probably opened my own shop. But with this series I am also very nervous to watch it. The High School Musical films are still to do this some of my favourite films and I will as a mother make my kids watch them too haha! So I am worried that this series is going to be shockingly bad (no offence) and ruin HSM slightly…but I will give it a try because I simply need to know what it’s like!

Disney Fairytale Weddings is on my list to watch ASAP. I’m such a sucker for a wedding, honestly every video I watch of a wedding I just cry, I love them so much haha! But, a Disney Wedding…who even knew we needed this program in our lifes??? I mean, this probably will make me want a Disney wedding which will cost the earth, so there is that downside to it but I can’t wait to find out more about the weddings in Disney!

Also kind of really excited to watch Decorating Disney Holiday Magic. I’m not too sure what this is exactly about and whether it’s like the behind the scenes of the parks being decorated for Christmas (I assume what I’ve just said is pretty much what the show is). I love to watch behind the scenes for pretty much anything, I enjoy finding out what goes on and how things are created or made etc, so I think I’ll really enjoy this one. Just a shame it isn’t Christmas any time soon and this program will probably make me wish it was the December 24th.

Since Tangled is my favourite film, I will watch the new Tangled Series. Again, I’m not sure what this involves and whether it’s going to be aimed for really young kids but we will see! I have to support my favourite princess so I’ll give it a try!

Even though I had said how Disney channel films and High School Musical was my life when I was a kid, Hannah Montana was the official number 1 in my life and honestly still to this day, I listen to Hannah Montana songs and remember every single lyric. Therefore, I may just binge watch the whole of Hannah Montana again and truly live my childhood all over again. Along with Hannah Montana we’ve also got the Suite Life of Zack & Cody, The Wizards of Waverly Place and even Good Luck Charlie!!!!!Oh my god guys you have no idea how excited I am to watch of these!!!

I also now get to watch the new Lady and the Tramp which I wanted to go see at the cinemas but unfortunately didn’t get around to it!

I really do hope you all have the best time watching all the things you love on Disney+. It’s came at the perfect time for us all and it’s defo going to help with distracting us from the world that little bit. Get some great snacks in and have fun!! Let me know what you’re most excited about watching! By the sounds of this blog post, I have plenty of hours to kill watching so much!

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