Mary Poppins Westend Show Review

I saw Mary Poppins back when I was a child but I couldn’t remember too much about it, only the part where she flew into the crowd. Myself and my mum love Mary Poppins and when we heard it was coming back again to the London Westend we knew we had to go!

Tickets can be expensive for a westend show, however we decided to risk the restricted view seating just to make them a bit more cheaper! The tickets cost us £20 each. We had 2 seats to ourselves with a barrier bit in front of us. The view was restricted by the barriers further down, but if you aren’t too fussed about seeing their faces constantly in every scene then it’s okay. If we leaned forward we saw more of the characters and the stage, but for £20 it wasn’t bad!! Plus, we still heard all the songs which is one of the main things about the performance.

Anyway, the show was amazing! I’m so glad I decided to go see it. The singing is insane from every single person involved, along with the dancing. Bert is absolutely incredible, which I did expect him to be because of the character of Bert in the films; they had to have someone so talented!

To me, the second half was much better than the first, but overall it was all a great show. My favourite scenes included the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious song and dance (I have no idea how long it must’ve taken the cast to perfect the dance to this…and how fast they do it aswell?!?!?! amazing!!!), feed the birds is always a lovely song to listen to but my ultimate favourite scene was the step in time with Bert and the other chimney sweepers. Before I saw the show, that scene was the scene I was most looking forward to because I love the sound of tap shoes and the dancing involved and wow was my expectations blown away with this part! Honestly, so fantastic!!!

Some of the scenes were so colourful and bright it was so stunning to look at! I found the whole set of the show really clever with how they make the kites fly and Mary flying through the sky, it was very smooth and not obvious that she was being strapped in or having the wire taken off her. The performance flowed very well even with the complex elements to it!

I really enjoyed the show and would recommend it to anyone, especially Disney fans. It has humour and sweet moments but the singing and the dancing is really the main reason that this show is a success. They really do have a fantastic cast and I would happily go see it again! Plus, if you are wanting to go but you don’t want to spend a lot, then debate the restricted view, it really wasn’t that bad!!

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