WDW Prep 23 – Transport around Disney World

Disney doesn’t lack in the transport options to get to and from your hotel and the parks. Obviously staying in a Disney hotel is going to be easier for transport, however, normally people who stay outside of the parks, hire a car which is super easy and convenient for them!

I wanted to let you know of the different transport options if you’re staying in a Disney hotel.

Firstly, you obviously have the free shuttle busses. This is probably the most used way of getting around because they are regular, they turn up at your hotel, and they’re free! This will be the transport I use most because I don’t want to spend loads of money on other transport, when this is free!

It does depend on what hotel you stay in for what transport you can get. For example, I’m staying in the All Star Spots resort, which doesn’t have the skyliner connected to it. You can easily find out what hotels have what transport available via google or by contacting the resort!

Another way to get around is via Minnie Vans. These vans (well it’s a car but the name van so I’ll say van haha!) look SO cool! They’re defo an arrive in style type of transport. However, they are an expensive option. It seems that its $15 flat rate and then you pay per mile. This could be an option if you’re in a rush for a reservation or fast pass, or last-minute spontaneous plans, or if you just missed your bus. However, I don’t think Joe and I will use this option a lot just simply because of the price.

Along with Minnie Vans, there is Uber and Lyft. Just like how you’d order an Uber or Lyft normally, use the app! People say that this is the quickest way to get around and also doesn’t cost too much either! It does depend on how far from your resort it is to the park you want to go to, but maybe instead of using Minnie Vans, check out Uber and Lyft!

The monorail is another option! The monorail is a train style type of transport and it’s high up, so you’ll get to see some great views while on it. For me, I may prefer this option just because I can get quite bad travel sickness in cars. However, the monorail is limited to the places it picks up from and goes to. The monorail is on a loop from the Deluxe Resorts and travels to Magic Kingdom and the Transport and Ticket Centre; from here you can travel to Epcot. This is another free option of transport in Disney, so try to make the most of it instead of paying out for a car. Plus, to me, the monorail looks really futuristic!

Some people will also have the option to take the boat from place to place. Even though I won’t be able to get the boat from my resort, I’m defo going to make sure I take the boat one day just because it looks so relaxing and fun. It’s something different to just sitting in a car, you get the views, amazing scenery and some peaceful relaxing time on the water. However, just like most of these transports, check what is available from your resort or what transport you can get depending on where you want to go.

Finally, the newest addition to the transport options is the skyliner. I can’t wait to travel on this! Granted, it isn’t going to be an option for everyone if you have a fear of height or simply don’t like the idea of it just being on a wire haha! A tip for the skyliner, is to try and get a pod that doesn’t have an image wrap around it. People have said that when it has the wrap around it, the view isn’t as great. Each Disney skyliner gondola can seat up to ten guests, so you have room for a lot of your party to be together in one! The skyline goes to Disney Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Disney’s Riviera Resort, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Disney’s Pop Century Resort, and Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. Also, this is free!

So, you have many options for transport in Disney, however it is also limited depending on what hotel you stay in. Always check with a cast member or at reception of how you could travel to a particular place. Personally, I think I may get slightly confused as to what transport I need to take to get somewhere, but doing it a few times and asking people will make it all fine!

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