WDW Prep 22 – Hollywood Studios Attractions

Hollywood studios potentially has most of the rides I’m most excited about to ride. However, since there is a studios park in DLP, i have been on some before but I’ve been told that they are different in WDW.

First up, Rock N Roller coaster. Oh boy I can’t wait to ride this again. The one at Paris makes my head feel like it’s been beaten with a bat, however apparently the one at WDW is much calmer on the head..I hope so anyway! Rock N Roller is such a fun ride and I love the music from Aerosmith that is put with it. The speedy start at the beginning really gets me pump and filled with excitement. This ride i would say is more for people who really enjoy fast, thrilling rides but I also think it’s a good ride to get you liking more extreme rides. It’s so fun. If you haven’t been on it before then you have to at least try it! I’m sure you will have soooo much fun on it. Plus, it’s a dark ride so you can’t really see what’s going on anyway, just listen to the music in your ear and scream!

Entering Toy Story land, we have Slinky Dog Dash, Alien Swirling Saucers and Toy Story Mania. 3 rides I can’t wait to go on! Slinky Dog seems like a massive favourite for a lot of people currently. It’s a simplistic rollercoaster so good for anyone who is 97cm +. I also like that it’s outdoors. A lot of the rides across all the parks are inside. Whereas Slinky, you can actually see what’s going on and wave to your family down below. Plus, it’s such a colourful ride without even focusing on the HUGE SLINKY that you sit in!!!! Such a cool idea and concept, they really did well with this one.

Alien Swirling Saucers is a much calmer ride. Again, another one for the kids. I will probably go on this one but it isn’t like a must do, I’d go on it if the queue is short. It’s basically like bumper cars but without the bumping and instead you’re in an alien cart. It spins you around and has some sharp turns, so really this is one for the little kiddos!

Then Toy Story Mania is basically like Buzz Lightyear space ranger. It’s a game style ride where you have to shoot to score points. I love Buzz’s version so I can’t wait to take part on this one too..and of course…lose to Joe as per usual. Get your competitive boots on, its game time!

Tower of Terror I’m sure manyyyyy people have heard about. Especially, because it’s a big building within the park so you can’t miss it! Plus other Disney parks have either Tower of Terror or in Disneyland California it’s called Guardians of the galaxy mission breakout, but it’s the same concept! Therefore, it’s a well known ride throughout the Disney parks. I LOVE TOWER OF TERROR. Purely because so far, it’s one of the rides that actually makes me nervous and shit myself a bit. It is scary no denying that but it’s a must do. I dragged Joe on it twice now I think and every time he is bricking it but tbh so am I. It’s a ride that basically just goes up and drops you. But the way you feel when it’s dropping you is insane. I can’t explain it really, just go on it!

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge…well well welll…don’t I have one excitable me boyfriend to visit here. As some of us are aware, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is a recent opening to Hollywood Studios. And this recent opening has been massive! People are LOVING it, even before all the rides were open! The newest ride opening was the Rise of the Resistance. Personally, I can’t actually tell you anything about this ride because I have been avoiding the spoilers. I want this to be completely new to me so I haven’t looked into it. But I know for sure there are many videos on YouTube of this attraction so go head and see! There’s also Smugglers Run which I’ve seen a little bit about. Basically you get given a job role for the Millennium Falcon and it’s down to you to get through the mission and survive (I think). It seats 6 people and there’s 3 different types of jobs. A pilot, gunner and engineer. It seems as though the pilot job is the most stressful…let on know me…I will get the pilot job, god help the people in there with me! I’ve heard insanely great things about this ride. People almost can’t believe it’s actually a real thing and how high tech it is. I truly cannot wait to take part in the Star Wars rides. I have a feeling they’re going to blow mine and joes mind.

Also opening on the 4th of March 2020, is Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway. Disney describe this as ‘Zip away on a zany adventure through a cartoon universe crammed with surprises’.

When looking at the list of rides at Hollywood Studios, I was actually filled with excitement because they’re new and so improved with technology and based on Toy Story and Star Wars which me and joe love! Plus, I also get my DLP fix in a way because there’s rides from that park at WDW too!

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