My favourite Disney YouTubers/Vloggers

For me, I absolutely love spending my weekend or evening watching Disney vlogs. I do this quite often so I’ve gone through a good selection of YouTubers and I thought to share with you my favourite people to watch!

Jade Billington – Jade is the cutest, sweetest girl ever! Her and Matt her husband go Disney often and always record every day they’re there! They have an upcoming trip in the next few months so they’ll have new vlogs to watch but she has plenty from previous trips for you to get stuck into! They’re seem like such a lovely couple and make their vlogs so easy and happy to watch. I can’t wait for her next trip to see all about it, especially since it would be only a few months till I go – the excitement will be crazy!!! Not only does Jade do Disney park vlogs, she also has Disney themed videos which I love too!

Brogantatexo – I think I’ve watched Brogan’s Disney vlogs 4 times now? I just find her calming to watch and how excited she gets it just makes me so happy! Before and after the trip, Brogan does helpful Disney trip videos to inform you on how she planned, how to do fast passess etc etc. Therefore, you get to see the fun but also understand the knowledge of the trip too. Brogan has a playlist on her channel which includes her Disney vlogs so they’re easy to find! She also recently went Disneyland in California so it was nice to see that park along with WDW.

So Helena & Martyn – My favourite DLP vloggers! I think I found these guys last year and I just instantly clicked with their videos. They are now annual pass holders for Disneyland Paris so I expect there will be regular Disney vlogs. What I like about Helena and Martyn vlogs is that they’re short. Sometimes I do want it to continue though because I’m so invested into it and just love watching them, but it’s also nice to have a shorter vlog compared to some people who have an hour. Don’t get me wrong I love a good long vlog to cosy down and watch, but sometimes I just want a quick fix of Disney! I also love watching DLP vlogs because that’s the only Disney park I have been to, so I like to reminisce and I can relate to their videos.

Adam Hattan – Adam is a great guy! He has mannnnnny Disney vlogs to watch so if you want a binge then Adam is your guy! I particularly like his vlogs with Gary in. They get on so well and I find myself laughing out loud sometimes when they crack a joke! Plus, Adam knows a lot about Disney so his vlogs are also informative as well as being a fun watch. Also, I think because Adam has been WDW often, he does other things instead of just going into the parks. For example, he may go to restaurants in another resort or take park in a seasonal event.

Disney in Detail – I recently started watching Victoria from Disney in Detail. Victoria is also someone who goes to WDW often but she has also been to Tokyo which I have yet to watch but it’s cool to have a selection of Disney park vlogs to choose from! I personally think that Victoria would be interesting for people who like to see more of the parks and shops compared to the rides. Obviously she goes on the rides but she videos more of new merchandise and the prices of things so you get more of an idea of Disney as a whole instead of what the rides are like.

AllEars.Net – Ah I love Molly. Molly is hilarious. I especially like the challenges she does, such as ‘Can we do it all in one day’ for each WDW park. They’re so fun to watch and such a laugh at times too. Me and my boyfriend really enjoy watching Molly because they’re slightly different to the ordinary walk round the Disney parks. Plus, she has so much knowledge that I also learn as I watch.

DFBGuide – I assume most people are aware of AJ. She’s a very popular Disney vlogger but AJ’s videos are mainly all about food. There are some informative videos such as latest Disney news, but if you need to know anything about food at Disney then you know what to do…watch AJ! AJ has also helped a lot with planning since we see what she eats and me and Joe are like yep we defo want to try that.

These are the vloggers I watch pretty much weekly. It all depends really what style of Disney videos you are into because they all offer slightly different vlogs but all based on Disney and the parks. They are probably the well known Disney vloggers so some of you may already be aware of them but those who aren’t take a watch!!

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