Wicked the Musical – London Westend

Friday night I finally got to see Wicked up the Westend in London! I’ve always heard such good things about this show so it was time I saw it.

Our seats were quite high up but for £32 you couldn’t complain, we were in the middle so we could see everything, I guess it’s just that you can’t see their faces as well. We booked our tickets from the Wicked official site since they were the cheapest we could find at that current time. But I suggest looking at a few sites because there’s always different deals or prices! Just obviously ensure the site is legit.

I was so excited to hear Defying Gravity live and wow was I amazed. The voice of Elphaba (the wicked witch) was INSANE. All I was thinking about is how I’d love to be able to sing and perform like them because it’s just so beautiful to hear and it’s amazing to have a skill like that.

Anyway, the singing was fantastic from all the cast but especially Elphaba and Glinda (the main characters). However, the show was more funny than what I thought it would’ve been. I kinda expected a ‘scary’ vibe but it wasn’t scary at all!! At one stage, Glinda was wearing a blue dress and she has blonde hair so she looked a bit like Elsa from Frozen and they actually play to this by her saying ‘let it go’ during one of the scenes which I think is a brilliant crossover of shows. Plus they also make references to the Wizard of Oz since this is the show linked with that, but for example, Glinda called the dog ‘Dodo’ instead of ‘Toto’ so they humour it.

The customers were so amazing too! The dresses that Glinda wore were super pretty and defo something a princess would wear! And a weird one but I was so shocked as to just how green Elphaba was…like god knows how she gets that off every night??? It must be a nightmare haha!

The set was also pretty impressive. They have a huge dragon at the top which moves and lets out steam, and for those old theatres, that’s pretty cool!

The other characters were great but Elphaba and Glinda we’re defiantly the stars of the show. They added the friendship, the storyline, the humour and gave across a good message for the audience. I really enjoyed Wicked but I do think my only negative would be is that it felt quite long. Whether I thought this because it was a Friday night and I just wanted to be at home in bed after a full week of work, but it just felt a bit like ‘okay hurry up now’. But other than that, a brilliant show and I recommend you see it!

6 thoughts on “Wicked the Musical – London Westend

  1. Me- a 13 and 1/2 year old love. Started at the Gershwin Theater in NYC. My mom and I were on vacation (just us alone), and it included Wicked. That was August 2006. Wicked would be responsible for sparking my love for musicals.

    Wicked was the musical where I learned what an emotional connection was. It also made me learn the emotional and complex side to musical. That was taught through my first two times I saw Wicked.

    Now years later, I now more about Wicked, and it is amazing how much it evolves: each time I see it, I keep on finding something new either in the friendship or the love triangle, my favorite storylines. Those actually are the storylines I am paying the most attention to that for some reason I keep on overlooking everything else. Elphaba, Fiyero, and Glinda are the only characters I am emotionally connected.

    It is important that the actresses playing Elphaba and Glinda are excellent and well-matched- it is their storyline that makes up the center core. Last time I saw it, Mary Kate Morrissey (standby Elphaba) and Amanda Jane Copper (Glinda) were brilliant in their role and well-matched that I was crying during “For Good”

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      1. In total- seen Wicked four times. As I already mentioned- once was on Broadway. The other three were on tour in Charlotte.

        In many ways, my journey with musicals truly began with Wicked. I am now a musical theatre fanatic

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