WDW Prep 20 – Hollywood Studios Food

Hollywood Studios could possibly be the park I’m most excited to eat in…granted it isn’t going to be possible to eat in all the restaurants I’d like to because we also have other things to do instead of visit this park every day haha! So I’m pretty excited to write this blog post considering my main bucket list restaurants come from Hollywood Studios.

First up is the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant. This restaurant looks insane inside. It gives off such a back in the day, American theme. Basically, inside this restaurant are cars which have tables in the front seat and the back seat. So you could have 4 people to a car (most likely because it’s a popular restaurant!) but the tables are spread out enough that you aren’t eating on top of each other or for the people either in front or behind you to bother you. While you sit in your fancy car, there’s a huge screen that plays movie clips. If I’m not explaining this to actually make some sense, here’s a photo:

This restaurant serves lunch and breakfast and is obviously an American cuisine. The price for this restaurant I think is sooo reasonable considering the atmosphere of the restaurant. There’s burgers from $19, Chicken pasta for $24 and a cookie shake for $7! A good wide selection of meals and treats. I can’t wait to visit here!

50’s Prime Time Café is a unique themed dining experience. The theme is obviously based on the 50’s like what the name says! Back in the day, families (parents) were very much demanding on eating your veg and finishing all your food. I am someone who doesn’t eat their veg or finishes their meal, so because of this, joe wants to take me here so the cast members who act, can tell me off…personally I’m not looking forward to it because it’s going to be quite frankly really embarrassing…BUT because of how the cast members act and the atmosphere of the restaurant I think kids and adults would really enjoy the experience here. Especially since the design inside is so different to restaurants we see these days. This restaurant also serves lunch and dinner. Meals ranging from, pork chops, chicken pot pie, salmon and meatloaf! Plenty of different meals to meet everyone’s preferences. Again, I think this restaurant is reasonable price and worth the money since you get an experience from it too! It’s around $15-$35 per adult.

Epic Eats is where you can get a funnel cake from. From what I’ve heard about funnel cakes, apparently they’re incredible. So I thought to include this incase any of you have heard about the funnel cakes or if you haven’t, that they’re a recommended treat! There’s different kinds of funnel cakes that have different toppings on, but for a plain one with just sugar it’s $6.79.

With the opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, you now have the Milk Stand to visit. This sells the blue and green milk which is served frozen. I’m very intrigued to try this, however I’m not sure if I’m actually going to like it that much. But for me, and joe (he’s a huge Star Wars fan) it’s a must try for when we go! There’s been mixed reviews on the milk, some people love it and some people dislike it. The non alcoholic milk is $7.99 but there’s also a alcoholic version which is $14. Defo have a try!!

Woody’s lunch box is one of the newest restaurants due to Toy Story land opening fairly recently. I’ve heard good things about Woody’s lunch box, with the only negative being there’s no inside seating so do bare this in mind. Woody’s lunch box is a quick service, cheap pit stop serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast you can get a smoked turkey breakfast sandwich. The lunch and dinner menu is the same, which includes the famous grilled 3 cheese sandwich which seems to be a favourite. There isn’t a huge variety of dishes here but it would be a great one for the kids to enjoy and you can’t go wrong with a sandwich!

There’s also dining packages available at Hollywood Studios, including dining with an imagineer (which is VERY expensive but if you’re into the creativity of Disney then you would love this) or you can do the Fantasmic! Dining package which includes a 3 course meal and then VIP viewing of the show. Again, another expensive option. And there’s also one for the kids, Disney early morning magic in Toy Story land where you can be among the first guests to ride the attractions while also meeting the characters and enjoying a breakfast. This is also over $60 to do.

Even though the package deals/VIP experience deals are expensive, for some people out there it would be so worth spending that bit more for the experience. But always check the dates and times available.

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