Where would I like to work in the Disney Parks?

If I could work anywhere in Disney, I think I would want to work in the Bakery shop down Main Street. I love baking and especially love the smell of baked goods. I absolutely love walking into the Bakery shop and seeing all the different sweets, chocolates and bakes. The design of the shop is super cute and pretty that I can’t help but smile when I walk in. I think because I have always enjoyed baking, it would be fun to be able to serve the bakes and be surrounded by that smell all day! I also think working inside a shop is probably a better idea since there is air con and the heat outside…I don’t think I’d be able to deal with day in day out.

Another place I’d like to work at in Disney is probably the UK pavilion in Epcot. I’m from Essex but work in London and I feel like being able to talk to people as someone who has worked in the city would be pretty cool. I have visited London ever since I was a kid and now being able to work there is quite surreal and amazing. Although, my accent probably isn’t what people think I should sound like. Because I’m from Essex I can sometimes come across as ‘very Essexsy’. I’m not as bad as some people but for people to do an impression of the Queen when someone tries to do an English accent, they may have a shock when they hear me haha! Anyway, I do think it would be nice to work in the UK pavilion since I believe I can relate to it well and tell people my experience of London well, considering I’m in London at least 5 days a week.

If I could work on a ride, I would have to go for a ride which doesn’t involve much acting. For example, Tower of Terror, the cast members are incredible at how they act and speak to the customers; something that I couldn’t do. Nor do I think I could work on a ride which is for young children, I’m not the best with kids…Therefore, maybe Rock N Roller because again it’s inside so I won’t be burning to death and it’s a pretty chilled environment. Plus, it’s a ride where people of a certain height can only go on, so it potentially is more towards older children. Although I do think one of the mountain rides would be pretty cool to work on just because of how popular and known they are. To work on one of the most popular rides would be great to tell people!

Granted, I do think also I’d like to work at the reception of a hotel. I would love to be able to see people arrive everyday and experience the hotel for their first time and see the excitement on their faces when they check in. It would be so cute to be one of the first people they talk to within Disney and start their holiday off amazingly. I also think this would work well with the fact that I’d mainly be talking to adults since they would be the ones to check their family in and so I wouldn’t have the fear of talking to a child…it’s strange to think one day I’ll have my own child yet at the age of 20 I’m scared of them…lord help me. But I think a hotel job would be nice and much more relaxing compared to one in the busy parks.

As I mentioned before I couldn’t work in a job that involved dealing with the kids a lot. It’s just not who I am, I can’t talk to them like how EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD DOES. I also don’t think I could work in a waitress role because I couldn’t carry more than one plate at a time and I bet that is such a tiring, non-stop role. Lastly, I don’t think I’d want to work in a role dealing with the transport. Such as at the Monorail or bus station. I think I’d find this too boring and not much going on!

So, here are a few roles I wouldn’t mind working in and some I wouldn’t want to. I have no hate towards any of these roles mentioned above, this is just my own personal thoughts and opinions and having worked in customer service before, I have an idea of what I can and can’t do.

4 thoughts on “Where would I like to work in the Disney Parks?

  1. I always wanted to be one of the people who sweeps up garbage on the ground because everyone asks them questions all the time, and they have to be ready to help. That or the Blue Fairy in the Electrical Parade.

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  2. When I was a kid I always wanted to work at a theme park, but not anymore as I think it would some lose appeal if I had to work their every single day. But if I had to work their it would as a critic paid by Disney to come in and tryout their food, rides and watch their shows. A paid visitor!

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