WDW Prep 19 – ESTA’s

Well, I didn’t realise just how easy it is to apply for an ESTA. A quick overview brief of an ESTA just for those who may be unsure on what it is. You need an ESTA to be able to enter the USA. The ESTA allows visitors to be in the USA for up to 90 days for the sake of tourism, business or transit. An ESTA lasts for 2 years, from the date it gets approved. I’m already planning my next trip to America just to make the most of it haha!

The price of my ESTA was $14 which worked out to be £11. Personally I think this price is pretty great considering it lasts 2 years!

Here is the website I used: https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov and I simply clicked create new application and then there’s a few pages of forms to fill out online. Details they ask for is your passport number and issue date, address, where you’re staying in America, and emergency contact. Pretty simply stuff and then obviously the questions of whether you’ve been arrested etc etc.

It probably took me about 10 minutes, if not less to fill it all out and pay! I expected it to be more complex because of what it is about and the security of America but it was easy!

Once you’ve paid, you are sent an email with your application process for you to check to see how it’s going. So, I’m currently waiting for mine to be approved!

It feels so much more real now that I’ve applied for an ESTA…I can’t wait to finally get to Walt Disney World!!!

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