Disney themed date ideas

As someone who loves a date day and night, I was thinking how I can make a date Disney themed.

Here are a few ways to have a Disney themed date! 

I’ll start off with the idea that may not be applicable for everyone. However, for me, being only a short train journey away from London, an idea is to see a Disney themed show such as The Lion King. The west end theatre shows are so good and luckily, I’ve been able to see some over the years. I’ll admit they are pretty expensive so it will be an expensive date, but it could be for a celebration or a birthday which may make you feel better about spending £50 on a ticket. A theatre show is a perfect date for a Disney fan but also for someone who may not be into Disney that much – the shows the theatres put on are so fun to watch and the acting, singing, dancing is always incredible!

Another date idea I know of in London are Disney themed afternoon teas. I haven’t done an afternoon tea myself purely because I am a fussy eater and therefore probably wouldn’t eat most of the food, but they look so cute and sweet! They are in all different locations across London and more and more different themes are being produced. A nice day time lunch date for either you and your partner or even take your mum, mum’s love afternoon teas! Again, this idea can be an expensive idea but for how cute and creative the food ideas are, I think it’s worth it! I’ll try and go to one soon and then I can review it for you which may tempt you even more…

Now for an idea which is more relaxing and cost friendly. A Disney film day/night. Who doesn’t love spending a day snuggled up in bed or the sofa, with some snacks and plenty of films to watch? Sounds perfect to me and I love having a lazy day in my comfy clothes! I especially think this date idea is so much nicer during the winter months when its dark and horrible out, so you don’t mind spending time inside! Some films I suggest you watch are Tangled, Incredibles, Beauty and the Beast, or you could go for a film collection of Star Wars or Marvel!

An activity you could do is baking! I recently did a blog post on baking Mickey cookies which was so fun to do. It did take some time to do but it was worth it in the end; especially the decorating part! Again, if you want to spend the day in but feel in the mood of doing something, then baking is a great idea! Check out the Mickey cookies recipe here – Mickey Cookies

Or if you’re not a baking fan, why not do something DIY! I have been thinking about creating something Disney themed but I’m not the best at arts and crafts and the end result would probably end up being quite offensive to Disney…but I thought to include some DIY ideas that may inspire you! An obvious one would be to make your own Disney ears. I see so many people making their own ears now and some even sell them. This could also be a fun idea to do with a group of friends or children. Or a cheap idea is to buy a cheap pair of shoes and draw some Disney designs on them. Draw your favourite characters, or a quote from a film, whatever you like! With the Christmas season coming up you could also think about making Disney decorations to hang up such as a wreath or a bauble. If you go on Pinterest, there will be loads of DIY ideas with tutorials available.

Want to get out the house? Shopping it is! I find it so fun to go around the shops and see what Disney items are around at the moment! Primark is a great place to look since they always have new stock and plenty of Disney products. Or visit the Disney Store to see official merchandise available. You don’t have to spend loads of money on buying things, a simple browse is always fun!

Or something that I love to do, especially now that I have my trip booked, is to plan a Disney trip! You can make lists what rides you want to go on, or snacks you want to try. Or even plan the most expensive Disney trip you can find. I love looking round at the parks to see what I want to do and making bucket lists for either a trip I have booked or activities I want to do in the future!

Deciding on date days and nights can be difficult. Joe and I have been together for over 4 years, so we’ve had a fair few dates so far and it does become hard to think of something new and to also keep the cost down. But I inspired myself with these ideas and will try to have more Disney themed dates! 

I am happy to announce that I am listed as one of the Top 75 Disney Blogs – Top 75 Disney Blogs

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