Disney Blog post ideas

Since I have my own Disney blog I know the struggle of trying to think of new blog post ideas! Even though you could look through my blog and see what posts I have but I thought to create a list of ideas for you.

  • Disney restaurant reviews: people love reading a review before visiting a restaurant, no one wants to waste their money on a meal which may be rubbish, reviews are a great thing to post!
  • Disney film reviews: some people like to read about a new film before watching it. Or people like to read reviews after they’ve seen the film to find out what other people think.
  • Comparisons: compare things from the parks or films or merchandise. There’s loads you can compare for example I did a post on Summer VS Winter at Disneyland Paris.
  • Experiences: people love to know others experience of an event, a character meet and greet, a show. Not everything is free these days so before booking and paying it’s useful for people to understand the experience you have had with Disney related things. 
  • Merchandise: something I’ve found is that people love to read about Disney merchandise you’ve found. Personally, Primark hauls have worked really well for me! Instead of people looking themselves in the shops, they can view your post to see what’s around in the shops atm!
  • Preparation: everyone loves to see how you prepare for a trip to Disney! What you pack, outfits, planning etc, it’s helpful information to know how others prepare. 
  • Recommendations: recommend to people what you think they should do when they visit a Disney park! 
  • Favourites: talk about your favourite characters, snacks, songs, parks, lands, etc! It allows people to know you better and some people are interested in what others Disney favourites are.
  • Q&A: either you can ask for questions from your viewers or google some questions to answer. Again, it helps your audience know more about you and feel more connected to you.
  • D.I.Y: if you’re someone who is creative or loves making things, then show your skills off on your blog! Get people to create your ideas too and share their photos. This is a great way to get views and people to engage.

I hope these ideas inspire you on posts to include on your blog! Blogging takes time but for me, I love it and it’s something that I can do on the side of work and socialising. If you have any other blog post ideas, leave a comment below – I’m always looking for new ideas!

I am happy to announce that I am listed as one of the Top 75 Disney Blogs – Top 75 Disney Blogs

6 thoughts on “Disney Blog post ideas

  1. I have an idea only because I have been doing it for a year now. I have been marathoning and reviewing the Disney animated films and then ranking them on Letterboxd. It’s been fun, although I guess it kind of sucks now because each post I’m nearing the end.

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