Top 3 things to do at Disneyland Paris

I’ve done a few posts before about what to do at Disneyland Paris and my recommendations, but I thought it challenge myself in only picking the top 3 things I’d suggest you do when you visit! There is so much you can do at DLP which is all so incredible, therefore, this will be quite hard to narrow down my top 3 things. I’d love to know what your top 3 things are, leave a comment!

This might not be one that you expect, but I LOVE this place so I’m going to add it to my top 3 list. Eat at Earl of Sandwich. Earl is one of the cheaper options for food at Disney so that’s a bonus to this place already. Instead of having lunch or dinner at a restaurant which is going to cost you 20 euros per person, go to Earl!!! The taste is incredible, and you can’t go wrong for what you pay. Also, whenever I have visited Earl, it has been fairly quiet and hardly any queue at all (it’s like a hidden gem amongst expensive, fancy restaurants!) Also, depending on who you book through for your holiday, you may even get discount for Earl of Sandwich. I got 10 or 15% off when I booked with Magic Breaks which is a brilliant perk! I’m a fussy eater, so I’m not one to buy an extreme filled sandwich from Earl, instead I just get a toasted ham sandwich but oh my goodness, this toasted ham sandwich is the best sandwich I’ve ever had. Generally, my mouth is watering now just thinking about it and it’s only half 9 in the morning… I may be a bit over dramatic with how much I love Earl, trust me it’s also one of the things I’m most excited about when I visit WDW. But to me for the crowd level, the price, the taste and the range of options, Earl of Sandwich is a must do when you visit Disneyland Paris. 

Number 2 I’m going for…ride Hyperspace Mountain. I understand that this ride may be a bit thrilling for some people out there but to me it’s my favourite ride in the parks. Yes, it is quite a big, scary one, so some of you who don’t like rides may be terrified of it or to even go on it. Also, because it is Star Wars themed now, people who aren’t Star Wars fans may also avoid this ride. But seriously this ride is brilliant! Even though it is Star Wars themed, it isn’t heavily themed, or it doesn’t even sometimes cross my mind that it is. I think the only main theming of it is the intro music that is played as you go up, which by the way, is a great element to include because it really adds to the ride in my opinion! It’s a fast ride which lots of movement but it’s just SO fun. I don’t know how people wouldn’t enjoy this ride! If you haven’t rode it before, then please try your best to build the courage to because I doubt, you’ll be disappointed! Plus, the photo you get on it is pretty good too!

This is a lot harder than I thought…only picking 3 things is tough! I think my last top thing to do, is to look around. ‘What?’ you may be thinking to yourself. By look around, I mean to seriously take in everything you can. Don’t just look forward, look up and to your side down Main Street, or all around the castle. There are so many magical things to see at DLP or any Disney park in fact, that don’t just focus on the main, big elements to the park. There is always something going on, whether it’s some music, or a character meet and greet, it’s nice to see all the things that are happening. Another thing I love and suggest doing, is to take photos. I get this may be contradicting the ‘look around’ part of this, but taking photos is so important to me to remember the moment, to look back on but also Disney is so photogenic your camera roll will be filled with fantastic images. But beside the photo taking, LOOK AT EVERYTHING!!! Disney are so detailed with what they create, for example, down Main Street, there is a coffee cup that lets out steam…not many people know about this one! There are details everywhere!

These top 3 things are probably not what most people expected. But these are 3 things that I will always do when I visit DLP and what I really enjoy doing. I wanted to think of some different things that people may not of thought of and to not make it so generic such as ‘take a photo in front of the castle’. There’s nothing wrong with this, and I will always have my castle photos, but it’s an obvious thing to do. Earl of Sandwich and Hyperspace Mountain are brilliant, and you have to experience/taste them one day! But also, I want to express how great it is to really look around the different parts of the parks.

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