WDW Prep 18 – Animal Kingdom Attractions

Apologies for the delay again this week in the WDW Prep blog post. I have been pretty ill this week and couldn’t even look down at my phone to type up a post without my nose running like mad! But here we are…the last post on Animal Kingdom which is, attractions.

Avatar Flight of Passage has to go first on my list here. This attraction is one of the most popular rides at the whole of Disney World. Everyone seems to absolutely love this ride and will always make it a must to try and ride it whenever they visit. Because of how much people rave about this ride, I have tried to avoid spoilers to it so I can experience it all for my first time in September. People come off this ride crying because of how amazing it is so it really does intrigue me!!! What I know of this ride is that you start off in a room with a group of people where there’s a man on the screen informing you with some information and it’s all a bit technology filled before you officially start on the ride. Then you sit on motorbike style seats but up to there that is all I know without then being spoiled about the ride! To me, it seems like asif you’re flying over beautiful landscape. But from everyone’s reaction it doesn’t seem as simplistic as that. This ride is a huge recommendation from so many people who have visited the parks, so of course I had to include it. However, because I don’t want it to be ‘ruined’ I can’t actually inform you on too much about it, beside from the fact that YOU NEED TO RIDE THIS!!!! Also, GET A FAST PASS!!!! The queue is always so long, and it even seems a mission at time to get a fast pass so you either deal with the long queue, get there in extra magic hours, or get a fast pass.

DINOSAUR is a thrill ride which is also described as dark and scary. Joe actually says when he went on this ride when he was younger, he hated it because it scared him. So, i’m not quite sure what to expect. However, this may be a ride that you would want to test out before you take your younger kids on, just in case it is a bit too close to the mark for them. This ride is very fitting for the park because it’s animal based. The description of this ride is ‘ Travel back in time on a perilous prehistoric race to rescue a dinosaur—before the meteor strikes. ‘ So, I assume it’s like a journey to help the dinosaur, but it probably isn’t as easy as you may think. By the name, this ride is location in Dinoland. I’m quite anxious for this ride just simply because there aren’t many rides that are classed as scary for kids at Disney, so it does make me think what have they done to make it factor in young children being frightened…

Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain is a ride I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT! Joe believes this ride could be one of my favourite because I love a good old fast, extreme ride. Therefore, he has built up my excitement for this ride! It’s another thrill ride with slight darkness and big drops (my kind of ride). I adore the look and structure of this ride. It reminds me of Big Thunder Mountain due to the built up mountain style design, it looks very impressive! Something extra cool about this ride is that the track ‘breaks off’. This is a spoiler so skip past if you don’t want to know, but the ride goes to a certain point and then the track is broken off which then leads to you going backwards down the track. Not many rides around the world go backwards, so this makes me even more excited to go on it! It makes a change to the standard forward facing rides! I’d say this is a must do ride in Animal Kingdom.

Kilimanjaro Safaris is a ride for everyone; all ages. Yes, there are actual animals inside Animal Kingdom and by taking the Safari, you will be able to see them! People recommend doing this either at sunrise or sunset just because sometimes more animals can be out due to the weather being that slight bit cooler, so keep this in mind if you want to ride it or book a fast pass. This ride is simply a chilled but amazing slow ride through the safari. I’m sure everyone will love this attraction because who doesn’t like being up close to animals and seeing them??? Not only is it amazing to see the animals, it allows you to have some sit down time and to gain back some energy for the rest of the day! This attraction is 18 minutes long, where you may see 34 species. To me, this is another must do (I think I say basically every ride is a must do…) because it’s something different and isn’t exactly you usual fast, thrilling, screaming ride. It offers education and sight seeing of the animals which you don’t get to do often in life I’m sure! I can’t wait to do this attraction.

Na’vi River Journey is another ride linked to Pandora. This is a slow mover ride where you sit in a boat and travel round the dark glowing Pandora rainforest. Since this is a slow mover ride, this is for all ages and I think because of the look within the ride and the colours involved, younger kids would love this ride! There’s also songs included in this ride which will create even more of an atmosphere of Pandora.

Along with the Kilimanjaro Safari, Animal Kingdom is a park filled with animals. As I’ve listed, there are attractions at Animal Kingdom, but there’s more animal encounters compared to rides. I like this about the park though because it again adds something different to Walt Disney World. You get rides but you also get animals! 2 animals I will be buzzing to see are the otters and meerkats. I’m aware there are many other animals which are more incredible but otters and meerkats are just so cute I love them!

So, you get the best of both worlds at Animal Kingdom. I’ll admit there are others parks I’m more excited to see but I feel like Animal Kingdom may be a hidden gem for me and by the end of the trip I’ll be saying how much I love this park!

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