How to get back on track with your fitness

After the Christmas period, a lot of us can feel stuck in a chocolate heaven where all we want to do is snuggle watching films and eating all our treats. For me, personally, after my summer holiday which was in July, my fitness has gone very downhill. I’m really trying to get back to the gym or workouts at home or eating better and so I thought to share my thoughts and ideas with you to help you also get out the rut!

Many things cost money but sometimes treating yourself to some new workout clothes is all you need to get your confidence back and feeling yourself!!!! You don’t have to spend a lot, I bought a few new bits from Pretty Little Thing which had a brilliant sale on. Have a look round because so many places have sales on for their activewear due to everyone having their new year resolutions of starting the gym or get into running etc etc. So, have a look online and in shops to find a new outfit or even a new top or pair of leggings. Whatever it may be, it will make you want to wear them and get working out in them!

A simple way to get back into fitness is by going for walks. A Christmas break is normally spent staying in and watching films and laying in bed so it would be very difficult to throw yourself back into extreme fitness. So build up your stamina again with some walks. Plus, I find it really nice when it’s quite cold but the sun is out to get some fresh air either on my own or with my family or a friend. It’s refreshing and makes you feel good!

Find a gym buddy! I’m currently waiting for my friend to sign up to my gym and then we will have each other to motivate and workout together. I find this an incredible way to get back into the gym or fitness in general. When your friend messages you saying shall we go gym, you will hopefully feel that sense of okay I can’t let them down let’s go and then boom you’ve just done a workout! Obviously you don’t need to depend on someone else to get back on track, but this is a technique that a lot of people suggest because it does work and it’s having that company there to get you active.

For the sake of a few pounds, buy yourself a new water bottle. Drinking water is KEY to being healthy. I certainly don’t drink enough water so I need to take this one on board myself. I find that when I get that perfect water bottle, it makes me want to drink more (why does my brain work so weirdly haha) but try to focus on drinking more water, even if you add some lemon and lime for more flavour! It’s so so important.

YouTube videos are a great help. There are SO many YouTube videos on fitness or healthy meals or workouts at home, whatever it may be you will most likely find it! Seeing people workout or eat healthy, personally makes me want to do the same. It’s inspiration and motivation from watching and listening to something who may be in a position that you want to get to. If you want to get back into the gym, find some videos on peoples gym routine, or workout from home with a HIIT routine, or look at what lunches you could make for school or work. Just get watching and you’ll be inspired!

Make a plan. Making a plan can be produced in many different ways. Whether you do a long term plan for where you want to be by the end of the year or a plan for each month or even a plan for each day. Whatever you feel is best for you and to motivate you then do it! For example, you could plan your workouts to do at home or at gym. Or you could plan out what days to workout every months so you have set days. Or each month you could plan to try something new like running 3K or lifting a certain weight. Making a plan will keep you focused and remember exactly what it is you want to achieve.

Download some fitness apps. There’s many apps out there to either get you started or give you new ideas. Some will cost and have a subscription fee, but over the years I’ve used so many apps for abs, glutes and running. Test out a few and they may be a good way to motivate you or give you new workouts or moves to try!

Here are a few ideas to help you get back into fitness! I’m on my own journey too so I will be following these tips to help myself and hopefully be much fitter again by time summer is here in time for my holidays!

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