Another Disney Q&A

I love doing these blog posts so I thought since it’s a new year let’s answer some more Disney questions!

Favourite ride in Disneyland Paris Walt Disney Studios Park? Ah, this is quite a tough one since I love Tower of Terror, Rock n Roller and Crush Coaster…I think I’ll have to say Rock n Roller, I just wish my head didn’t hurt as much after it haha! But obviously this is changing themes so it would be interesting to see whether it would be my favourite!

Favourite Disney spirit jersey? I am quite a plane Jane person so I’ll have to say either the black or the rose gold. This is my current debate because I can’t decide what colour to get when I visit WDW! Any preference?

A Disney snack I wouldn’t try? Being a fussy eater I don’t personally find this question too hard haha! I probably wouldn’t ever try the Mickey pretzel since I don’t really like salty things.

Favourite thing to take a photo of in the Disney parks? I mean, isn’t the castle everyone’s favourite thing to capture!!!! Although, I also love to take photos of the Mickey and Minnie balloons, they’re so cute! Oh and Mickey shaped snacks…can’t go wrong!

Favourite Disney ears? For Christmas I asked for the rose gold ears which I adore but NOW THERE’S A RED PAIR!!!! So, even though I asked for the rose gold pair so I wouldn’t spend money on a pair when I visit WDW, I’m probably going to have to buy the red pair…red is my colour!

Film I’m most excited about to watch when the U.K. has Disney plus? This is a hard one, but I think I’m probably most excited to see the new Christmas film Noelle. Even though it will be March when I can get my hands on Disney plus, I’m most likely going to watch Noelle first.

Favourite Star Wars film? I really quite like The Last Jedi. I much prefer newer Star Wars films compared to the old ones. However, I did also like the new one Rise of Skywalker.

Do I have a Disney Instagram account? Yes I do! My username is the_disney_way – I’ll follow you back!

Favourite villain? Weirdly I think Gaston may actually be my favourite villain. I absolutely love when he sings his own song in Beauty and the Beast. Plus, I like the actor who plays him in the remake of Beauty and the Beast. Gaston is a good laugh and adds humour to the film.

Favourite Toy Story film? This is a hard one! 3 was so sad and sentimental so maybe that one is my favourite because it felt like an end of an era (and then they made a fourth haha!) but it was like accepting that I wasn’t a child anymore and seeing Woody being handed over omg SO EMOTIONAL! Yeah, I think number 3 may actually be my favourite Toy Story.

Finding Nemo or Finding Dory? Oh 100% Finding Nemo. What an absolute classic Disney film. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Finding Dory but Nemo was apart of my childhood.

And there’s a few more questions and answers to get to know me even more! If you have any questions you’d like me to answer next time, leave them below 🙂 Also, let me know your answers to my questions!

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