5 great things about Magic Breaks (Travel company for Disneyland Paris)

Magic Breaks was a great company that I used to book my previous Disneyland Paris trip with, and I will defiantly look to use them for any future DLP trips! People may be cautious when booking a holiday that isn’t directly with an ‘official’ website, like Disney’s own website. However, I want to make you aware of the great things I found out and experienced when using Magic Breaks!

1- Discounts on Restaurants: With my booking, I received a discount to Planet Hollywood and Earl of Sandwich. The discounts were 15% off from dining at Planet Hollywood and Earl of Sandwich and a 10% discount off breakfast at Earl of Sandwich. I think these discounts are great and that’s why I used all 3 of them (make it worthwhile!!). What’s great about these discounts is that its different types of restaurants and dining options. Planet Hollywood is an expensive, popular restaurant which serves a variety of delicious food such as pizzas and meats. I used this discount on dinner. But Earl of Sandwich, by the name, is a sandwich lunch style dining option. But obviously you get 2 for Earl, so you can have breakfast there one morning and then have lunch another day! Earl is a cheaper option in the Disney Village so you may have preferred for the discount to be on a more expensive restaurant to make it seem more valuable but…every little helps! These discounts allow you to get money off breakfast, lunch and dinner across the 2 restaurants!

2- Great communication from Staff:
One thing I absolutely love about Magic Breaks is the quick response and continuing support of your holiday. They have a live chat but also you can ring them up which some people may prefer. The live chat I think is a great feature to have on their website since people always like to communicate any issues or guidance on what deal is best. The staff at Magic Breaks will help you look for your perfect holiday which takes away the stress from yourself. Even months later after I had been on my holiday, I received their newsletter and saw a deal I was interested in. So, I emailed the person who I booked my previous holiday with and within no time she got back to me answering my query! When booking a holiday, it’s important to fully understand what you’re booking and everything involved with it and I believe that Magic Breaks make the holiday booking procedure relaxing and stress free!

3- Staff will always try to meet your needs:
Along with great communication, the staff will always try their best to find the perfect holiday for you. Through the communication, you can tell them exactly how you’d like your holiday to be and they can research and support your needs in finding your dream holiday. Obviously, this is to a certain standard and expectations haha! But I love that they always try their best in finding what will suit you and your holiday party, even if you may be let down by a certain desire or want that isn’t applicable, they will try to find an alternative or make it seem all okay if you are potentially missing out.

4- Bringing the price down:
Another benefit to communicating with the staff, is the potential lowering in price. For me, I was able to have the tax on the holiday taken off. This was only £6 so it isn’t life changing amounts, but again…every little helps! I appreciated the fact that they were aware myself and my boyfriend wanted a cheap Disney holiday and that we aren’t able to pay loads due to being students, so they decided to help us that little bit more and keep the price under £400. I think it’s always a good idea to ask nicely if there is a way to bring the price down anymore, because you never know! If you don’t ask, you don’t get. But, obviously, please ask nicely and don’t throw a hissy fit if they aren’t allowed. It’s their job to get you a perfect holiday but they can’t put themselves at risk, nor do they want to get horrible comments from their customers.

5- Secure, safe company:
Magic Breaks is a fantastic company to book through. They are supportive and there every step of the way. The lady I booked my holiday with, called me up when I was available, went through the booking procedure, I told her my bank details and then it was booked! No hassle of trying to understand all of the process yourself, she did it for me and it was nice to just sit there and talk to someone who does it daily and not panic about whether I’ve missed a step or something! Once it was booked, I then received emails about the holiday with my conformation and PDF documents with some extra information. Since Disney holidays are expensive, I admit I was nervous letting someone book it for me and telling her my bank details over the phone, but she made the phone call/booking very relax and just building up the excitement of my trip being official! If you are finding that the official Disney website is too pricey, check Magic Breaks and you may find the same deal but for less!These are 5 things that I love about Magic Breaks. I have previously done a blog post about my experience with Magic Breaks, but I wanted to write another post to really get across how great they are to book through!

Obviously, there are many ways to book a trip to Disneyland Paris such as doing it separately, or booking through a travel agent, but I think I will always at least check Magic Breaks when wanting to visit DLP and most likely always book through them. In fact, because I’m having serious Disney withdrawal symptoms, I’ve been looking at their website often to see what deals they have or if there was a cheap holiday available. I miss Disneyland Paris so much and it holds such happy memories there with myself and my boyfriend Joe, I really hope soon I can go back and be happily supported by the staff at Magic Breaks!

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