Planet Hollywood restaurant review – Disneyland Paris Village

On both of my previous trips to Disneyland Paris, I visited Planet Hollywood. This restaurant is a must do in my opinion!

Firstly, the entrance to Planet Hollywood is a way of making people want to visit. Day or night, it’s pretty cool walking up the stairs and entering the Planet Hollywood ball. Then inside the restaurant, it doesn’t disappoint either! It’s a great theme inside of Hollywood and I believe it’s a place that adults would appreciate since they will know the celebrities. I have only ever sat upstairs, which is a small but pleasant area. Even though it’s small I’ve never felt cramped or overcrowded or that the restaurant is too loud – it’s always been a lovely atmosphere. Plus, another thing I love inside is the music choice they play; some great old tunes!

Something else I love about Planet Hollywood is their menu. They have a huge selection of meals which i’m sure would meet everyone’s needs. In fact they have that good of a selection that it always takes me some time to pick what I want…this is a very rare occurrence since I’m such a fussy eater!

I also think considering the restaurant is popular and also in other places around the world, the pricing is a decent amount! Like most restaurants in Disney, their prices are fairly high but for the portion size and quality, I don’t mind paying the amount. I believe it’s defiantly worth the money because of the theme, atmosphere and variety of food. Both times that I have ate here, myself and Joe have loved the food and ate as much as we could fit in! Also, another thing to note is if you book your trip to Disneyland Paris through Magic Breaks, they have a Planet Hollywood offer for a discount on your meal. This was either 10% or 15% but it all helps out! I can’t comment on starters or desserts here since I’ve only ever had a main meal, but next trip I go, I will for sure try a dessert because they do look great!

For an example of the prices, this is ranked as a € € restaurant. The meals I have had there included a margarita pizza which was €15.95 and a turkey club sandwich which again was €15.95. I actually still remember the taste of the turkey club sandwich now, it was huge and so filling and a perfect combo of turkey and salad on perfectly toasted bread – a meal I recommend!  

Another thing I want to mention about Planet Hollywood was the service. The service here was amazing! There wasn’t much waiting around for our order being taken or our food arriving. One time we visited, we were cutting it fine to get back in the park to do some rides before it closed. I was worried that we wouldn’t make it but I suppose the staff know that people don’t always want to spend hours in the restaurant and just want a quick stop off meal before heading back to the parks for closing time.

This restaurant is a top class restaurant in my opinion and a food place that appeals to all ages. It may be a an expensive restaurant but really its the same prices as the majority of the restaurants at Disney!

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