My 2020 goals

Goals for 2020

I always quite like to make a few goals for the new year ahead and I thought to share mine with you for 2 reasons really. 1) to motivate myself and remember them and 2) incase any inspire you and you also want to do my goal.

Firstly, my mind set is very much focused on the future and my career and being able to buy a house etc. So, this may an unrealistic aim but I’m going to try and save £500 a month. If you knew my salary you’d know this may be difficult but it’s a challenge I want to set myself and then seeing the end result after 12 months will be very pleasing!

Another goal which is one of my main goals is to keep blogging and get more views and people interested. I do find it hard to work full time, have a social life and run a blog but I want to make it work! I’m so determined to make something of my blog that no matter how hard it may get, I can’t bring myself to give up. It’s a part of my career that I’d love one day, to be able to work part time along with having my blog as a job or something along those lines! Long story short, I want a successful blog. And this year I want to help towards that long term goal.

I want to start cooking. Again, thinking into the future. When I move out I need to be able to cook more than just putting some chicken nuggets in the oven. So I’m setting a goal to cook once or a few times a month (I still live at home so my mum cooks my dinner for when I get home at 7pm during the week so I only really have weekends to cook). I’m a fussy eater too so I’m hoping by cooking myself and learning, I’ll begin to like more foods! Let’s just hope I don’t burn the house down or something…

This year I’m doing even more studying! If you knew me back in school you’d be shocked that I’m hitting the books again. I’m going to be doing a level 4 qualification along with the qualifications I already have. Therefore, I want to achieve distinctions in both my assignments. I do think this will be tough but I want to set the goal and hopefully achieve it! Pray for me please.

As I’m sure many people say in the new year, they wanna be more healthy or start going gym. Well I have a gym membership which is going grey and dusty currently because I haven’t been in forever oops! So, instead of setting insane fitness goals. I just simply want to feel more healthy and not like my insides are being confined by fat? I want to try and walk more often since working in an office does no good for my body shape! So whether that’s going gym, eating healthier, trying to do another run this year and training, whatever it may be. I want to just try to live a healthier lifestyle.

Read more! I want to read more. I got into reading again last year but quickly fell out of it but I’ve ordered some new books and I’m excited to get started on them. Plus I travel to work on a train everyday so I have plenty of time to sit down and read.

Argue more calmly. I get very hot headed and I mentioned this in my previous post about what I’ve learnt in 2019. I’ve gotten better throughout last year but I still get very angry very quickly and I let the SMALLEST things bother me. So I want to try and change that and basically chill out a bit more. P.s sorry joe for how stubborn I can be, I know I’m a nightmare!

These are my goals for this year. Some are very cliche say we say when it comes to goals for the year. But some are actually going to be a challenge and a good push for myself which I’m nervous for but excited aswell! Let’s see how 2020 goes…

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