WDW Prep 16 – Animal Kingdom Food

Another delayed post than my usual Wednesday upload, but it’s been Christmas! I hop everyone had a lovely time celebrating and here’s to the New Year!

So, let’s talk about some food in Animal Kingdom shall we!

One restaurant that instantly jumps out to me is the Rainforest Cafe. I have only ever been to the Rainforest Cafe in Disneyland Paris. I think whenever Joe and I visit DLP, we will always make sure we go here because we just love it! The food is great, and of course the atmosphere and themeing is brilliant! So basing this restaurant off the one in DLP (they’re exactly the same), I really recommend going here! If you have kids, they will love it here because of the theme inside. They have sound effects such as thunder and animal noises to fit the theme even more. But the best thing is probably the elephant that is in the restaurant. It’s massive and would impress anyone! But along with the theme and how incredible Disney have made it look, the food is also a win for me. They have a fair selection of meals so hopefully you and your party will be able to find something to eat. For example, for dinner they do Fish and Chips, Turkey Wrap, Salads, and Pasta. Although, Rainforest Cafe is a more expensive restaurant, normally at DLP is our most expensive meal, but I think it’s worth the money. It’s around $15-$34 for adult meals.

Yak & Yeti is a restaurant I hear a lot about. People rave about this restaurant so I think it’s one you and even myself, need to check out when you’re there or at least look at the menu before you visit. Again, it is a expensive restaurant with prices ranging from $15-$34 for an adult meal but from the sound of it, it seems to be worth it. Yak & Yeti is a mixture of cuisines, such as American, Asian, Chinese and Seafood. They serve lunch and dinner here with a very filled menu! Some dishes include Chicken Tikka Masala, Vegetable Lo Mein, Seared Tuna Salad and their famous Honey Chicken. I say famous because Honey Chicken is the dish that people who have visited mention. I think I will try the Honey Chicken because I want to know what the fuss is all about! Yak & Yeti also sells alcoholic drinks so if you were looking for a sit down meal where you could also have some drinks, this restaurant could be for you!

Flame Tree Barbecue is a quick service restaurant which sells mainly meat meals. They serve lunch and dinner dishes which are the same for each meal period. I find with this restaurant that their menu is quite small but I suppose if you wanted something meaty then you’ll find it here. Here you can get a Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich, Smokehouse Chicken Salad and a Ribs and Chicken Combo. The prices here are very reasonable, costing between $10 to $20. So this is a cheaper alternative for food in Animal Kingdom compared to other restaurants I have already listed. This quick service, also sells alcoholic drinks so you’re spoilt for choice in Animal Kingdom if you want a alcoholic drink.

If you wanted a quick Ice Cream break then you can head over to Anandapur Ice Cream Truck to grab yourself a refreshing snack! Along with the standard Vanilla and Chocolate flavours, you can also get a Peppermint flavoured Ice Cream. Maybe this is a normal flavour ice cream in America but for us Brits, this is something different. This could be a new snack you try during your visit! A very cheap, quick food boost to keep you going throughout the day.

Tiffins Restaurant is a fine dining restaurant. So, as I’m sure you can guess, fine dining = a lot of money!!!! Looking at some photos of the meals here, the food is displayed very perfectly and delicately. Also, looking at the prices of the meals here, yes it is A LOT OF MONEY. So, maybe if you’re celebrating something it may be worth coming here, but for a family of 4, it will rinse your bank account shall we say. Obviously, it’s up to yourselves where and how you want to spend your money but be prepared for a big bill at the end of the meal. For example, a Butter Chicken main meal is $38 or if you want a Tamarind-braised Short Rib this will cost you $51…see what I mean…a lot of money. But I’m sure you get what you pay for in regards to the presentation and taste. But personally, this isn’t a restaurant I will be visiting because otherwise my whole life savings would be spent on one meal.

Animal Kingdom to me seems to have to most variety of restaurants in terms of cuisines. Maybe this is down to the park itself and the themeing behind it all. There are a mixture of prices for your meals too so you will be able to find either a cheaper dining experience or if you want to splash the cash a bit then you can also do that!

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