WDW Prep 15 – Disney Ride Closures

We’ve all been there. Waited ages for your holiday to start, only to find out your favourite ride is closed. What a nightmare. Well, luckily there are some things you can do to try and minimise the heartbreak, inevitable tantrums, and however your kids react.

Short term closures

The first thing to know is the type of ride closures. Not all rides are closed for extended periods. Some may have to close suddenly because of technical problems or unforeseen weather. These types of closures are hard to prepare for, but they are often short-term closures. This means that with a bit of a reshuffle of your day you will hopefully be able to ride that attraction later.

One thing to keep in mind is Florida is known for its change in weather. It can be boiling then minutes later it’s raining cats and dogs. The area is also prone to storms. So many attractions have to be closed as it’s unsafe for guests if there is lightning in the area. All water based and most outside attractions have to be closed until the storm passes.

What happens if you are on a ride and it has to close? Normally you will receive a fastpass to return and ride the attraction at a later time. On occasions you will receive a kind of ‘super fastpass’ which allows you to ride any attraction at any time, but they usually depend on the situation. The key thing to remember is Disney don’t want to close their rides. They want the guests to be able to enjoy them. So, they will do their best to get it fixed or compensate people stuck on the ride. 

Long term closures

Disney may seem like everything is run on magic but unfortunately there are times where attractions need refurbishments. A bit of paint or transformation into a whole new experience. It can be a pain for a while but once that new attraction is up and running it’s so worth it. Disney understand this and make upcoming ride closures public knowledge as best they can. If a ride is about to close forever, they will make it clear when it’s last day running will be so you can get in that last ride.

They also publish the dates that rides will be undergoing refurbishments well in advance. They try to keep disruption to a minimum and stick to their allotted time period of closure. All upcoming ride closures can be found on their interactive calendar at: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/en_GB/calendars/five-day/. It’s not the best situation but Disney do their best to make it as easy as possible for guests to plan their trips around their favourite rides.

You can also use the My Disney Experience app while you on your Disney holiday, to have a live update of the rides.

Alternative rides

We all agree it’s frustrating when you can ride ‘that’ attraction, however many rides on Disney property have similar alternatives. For example, if Astro Orbiter is closed, you could ride Dumbo, Aladdin’s Carpets. Or instead of Toy Story Mania, you could try Buzz’s Space Ranger Spin. I accept they aren’t exactly the same, but it may just stop a tantrum or two. Also, with the huge selection of rides at Disney, it’s not like you are short of things to do. Within the Disney parks, there are loads of different styled rides to meet everyone’s preferences. So, hopefully you won’t be too disappointed if your favourite ride is closed, because you have many more to get on!

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