Disney Christmas gifts for women

I personally believe that buying Disney gifts for the ladies in your life is so super easy! There are so many gifts out there that women would love. If you’re struggling then here are a few ideas!

Pandora is the way to go! Pandora have a huge selection of different jewellery pieces that are Disney. Either a Disney charm such as Minnie Mouse or Olaf, or this Mickey ring. Pandora is such good quality and a really beautiful gift to give someone. It can be on the more expensive side but they do have sales and a lot of the time, Disney items are in the sales so keep your eyes out! This ring is £40 – Mickey ring
Adam Hattan is a massive Disney fan who has released his own books! I actually would quite like this book myself considering I’m going to WDW for my first time next year. I’ve heard such great things about his books since they are here to help you plan and understand Disney holidays! So, if you know someone who is going on a Disney holiday soon or will in the future, this would be such a thoughtful, helpful gift to give them! Plus, they’re such good prices for such informative books – Dream guide
Up’s adventure book. Okay, seriously HOW ADORABLE IS THIS!!! If you know someone who loves to keep memories of holidays or days out or their life, this would be so perfect for them. This book is in the Disney film Up and is such a cute part of the film, a die hard Disney fan would know what this is in no time! Plus, it gives them something to do. If they’re creative or like to keep busy or like to print of things and design, this gift is needed! AND it’s such a good price for everything you get only £15.99!!!! – Adventure book
For some women, you can’t go wrong with face masks! On ASOS they have a good range of face masks for only £3.99 which is a good stocking filler or secret Santa present! Perfect idea for someone who likes to pamper themselves – Face masks
Welcome in the new year with a new diary! How cute is this! Stationary is such a key to some women’s life’s and it’s so affordable too. I have a Minnie notepad from Moleskin which I love and is perfect for Disney holiday planning. You can find so many different notepads or diaries online and in shops but this is a cute one I found on Papier which you can also get personalised – Minnie and Mickey Diary
Tote bags are such a popular item these days! Purely because they’re better for the environment. There’s so many different tote bags that I’ve seen around online and in shops. Primark also have a good selection which will be super cheap. But this one is from ASOS, currently on sale for £8! – Lion King tote bag
Here’s an item that I will be getting for Christmas from my boyfriend! I wanted a new hoodie for my plane journey for our trip to WDW! Yes, I plan my plane outfits…but obviously I’ll also wear it many other times! This is a jumper from the Disney store so it is a more expensive clothing item, whereas on other online stores or Primark, you can get such cheaper items. This cost £30 but it’s so soft inside and amazing quality so I think it’s worth the price. Disney jumper
A mug has to be included! I love this one. I think it’s such a nice subtle Disney effect on a mug. This is only £8 which I think is a great price! A mug can be bought for pretty much anyone, maybe just be sure they drink hot drinks! But it can also be used for water or squash etc, so exactly, a gift for anyone! Another great gift for a secret Santa gift or stocking filler – Disney mug

Just like the man gift guide, I could go on forever listing items but I need to stop somewhere! There’s hundreds of different gifs out there that are Disney related/themed. Another website I love to look at is Etsy since they have such great handmade gifts, defo worth the look! I tried to include a variety of gifts to meet all likes and preferences. I hope you have fun shopping, even if you are a last minute shopper…enjoy!

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