Disney Trivia Quiz Show Quizney – NOW CASTING

I’m super happy to announce that I have been approached by Leni at the Quizney Team!

Quizney is a Disney channel game show where the answer to every question is something Disney related! It’s full of trivia and games to test your Disney knowledge and see who really is a Disney super fan!

If you think you have what it takes to challenge other teams of 4 and be the most knowledgeable Disney fan/fans out there, then you need to apply for this show!

Quizney are looking for teams made up of 4, including kids aged 9-17 and adults 18+. So get your team together and apply for Quizney here: http://quizney.castingcrane.com/

Get together a solid team of Disney fans. This could include your siblings, friends, work colleagues, whoever you think knows enough about Disney and loves it just as much as you!

You must be 18+ and a legal U.S resident in order to apply. All you need to do is fill in some details like the team participants names, height, weight and shoe size, City/State and why your team are the biggest Disney fans – it’s so simple to apply!

You can also submit your application by emailing Quizney@digomind.com

This is a brilliant concept that Disney Channel have produced and you NEED to get involved! Don’t miss out on being crowned the best Disney fans, show everyone what you’re made of…make Walt proud!

For more information, check out the poster below. Take up this opportunity and apply! And if you do, hopefully I’ll see you on my TV screen soon!

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