Disney Christmas films you have to watch!

Oh, it’s nearly here…Christmas day is fast approaching and so it’s time to get in the spirit by spending your days or evenings, snuggled up in blankets, with chocolate and a hot drink while watching a good old Disney Christmas film. If you need some recommendations of what films to watch, then here you go!

I can’t start this blog post without putting this film first on the list…Frozen. But not only Frozen 1…but Frozen 2. Yes, that’s right, the world has just improved because Frozen 2 is here. It came out in the cinema at the end of November so get your Frozen marathon on and watch the first one then go see the second. Frozen is the ultimate winter, Christmas vibes film where you can also sing along! I don’t need to go into detail about the Frozen film/s because it was absolutely HUGE when it came out and I’m sure 99% of the world has seen it. But yes, you’ve gotta spend one night near Christmas watching Frozen, or going to the cinema to see the new one!

Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas is a classic for me. Every Christmas when I was younger, I would watch this film and get so excited about Santa coming…little did I know ay. Anyway, it’s a cartoon film and probably one for the little ones rather than adults, but to me it sets the mood perfectly. It’s so super cute and so focused on Christmas that you can’t not feel excited after watching it. I think I may try to watch it this year since I haven’t for so long now that I’m almost forgetting the story, so I think I need my refresh! It may only have Mickey’s name in the title, but you get a mixture of Disney characters to watch. If you haven’t seen it, I really suggest you do but do be prepared that it is a younger demographic film.

I believe the next film is a must watch at Christmas time and I know a lot of people/families will always make time to watch it. A Christmas Carol. I actually first watched this film in my English lesson at school since we were studying Dickens’. I think this film is much more of a classic for the older demographic since it was released in 1984. But I think it’s a great film for the kids to watch too, granted I wouldn’t let your young kids watch since it is about Scrooge so it isn’t the happiest of films and may be a bit scary for them. I love the story of this film. Studying the story does make me see it in a more depth/detailed way that what an average viewer may, but the way the story is told and how it ends, it really is a lovely watch even though it may be about someone who ‘hates’ Christmas. Although if you don’t want to watch the old version of a Christmas Carol, there is the 2009 cartoon edition which may be preferred by the younger demographic since it’s more up to date and cartooned!

You also have the Muppet Christmas Carol. Which is basically a Muppet take on Christmas Carol. So this may be more interesting and fun for the kids to watch. Plus, I think because it is the Muppets, it takes away the ‘scary’ side of the film which would be easier for the kids to watch.

The Santa Clause film series is a great watch for all the family. It’s a funny film series and it’s nice to have a Christmas film that carries on to more than 1 film. It has Tim Allen in it who is a fantastic character, so I think that makes the films even better! I think it would be perfect in my eyes to spend a day on the sofa watching these films back to back, so you get the full effect of the storyline without forgetting what happens after each one. Obviously, it being Santa Clause, it gives the amazing vibe and excitement of Santa visiting soon which the kids will love. I remember watching it before as a child and it made me so happy and obviously keep the realness of Santa alive!

If you have Disney+ then lucky you! You can watch the new Disney Christmas film Noelle. Due to being in the UK, I won’t be able to watch this film since Disney+ isn’t available over here until the 31st of March, so I’ll have to wait but, this film seems like it would be a really great watch. Plus, it has Anna Kendrick in it who is one of my favourite actresses. This is a comedy film so I’m sure many people will enjoy this new, funny Christmas film. If you watch it, let me know how it is!

There are other films which aren’t Christmas films but to me give off a bit of a Christmas vibe, so I thought to include them on this blog post too! These include:

  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Cool Runnings
  • Ice Princess
  • Enchanted
  • The Chronicles of Narnia

Have fun getting into the Christmas spirit!

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