Frozen 2 Film Review

I understand, I may be very late to the Frozen 2 party here but I just had to do a review on this film!

Oh guys it’s just brilliant. If you haven’t seen it, you need to! It’s a fantastic film and I feel like because now we know the characters and they’re a little family it makes it feel so much more cosy and friendly? If that makes any sense at all! I loved every single part of it, honestly there wasn’t one bit where I was bored or thinking they could’ve done without this bit or whatever, it’s just amazing!

I did cry 3 times during the film and at the end I was just sobbing so if you’re an emotional wreck like me then be prepared for some tears…it wasn’t like super sad but it’s like you have a connection with all the characters now!

I don’t think the soundtrack is as good as the first film, however, I still love the songs! Into the unknown is an absolute banger and I can’t stop listening to it. Also, I think Lost in the Woods by Kristoff is a fantastic song and I love that he has his own little moment with his feelings towards Anna. And of course, Olaf has his moment to shine which is always so so cute! There isn’t a song like Let it Go but is there ever going to be a song that compares to Let it Go? I personally don’t think so and it’s probably going to be one of Disney’s best songs for a very long time! But I do think in a few years times when Disney create a new firework show, Into the Unknown NEEDS to be on the playlist because how good would the fireworks go with the beats of that song? Just imagine it…

I think the film is brilliant because of Olaf. He adds to the cuteness and humour into the film, especially the Samatha bit (if you’ve seen it then you get what I mean). However, Elsa is a huge part of this film which is understandable but it’s very much more about her and her ‘saving the day’ with the help of Anna. Which I think is nice because Frozen 1 was focused on Anna and the journey to Elsa, whereas this time it more was down to Elsa to fix things.

I’m someone who adores marriage and proposals so I loved how they added in Kristoff proposing to Anna. But obviously it wouldn’t be done easily and it was pretty funny how he kept messing up with his words but at the end it all worked out perfectly! *queue me being a crying mess* super cute to add this into the movie.

It wouldn’t be a Disney film without a bit of danger and a tense moment as to what will happen next. So, there is a part where it’s like ‘oh no’ but there’s always going to be a happy ending right? I think the way they did the ‘danger’ moment was produced really well and kept you gripped. But it was quite sad to watch considering Elsa and Anna weren’t together so Anna didn’t know what was going on. But everything was all fine in the end and I think that’s why I cried so much because I was like oh thank god it’s all okay!!!

Can I just talk about how stunning they all looked????? I loved the outfits and Elsa at the end oh my god with her hair down and that sparkly dress, let me get married in that!!! They looked so incredible! And at the end it was so nice to see Anna and Kristoff dressed up nicely too and just added to the cuteness of the film. I love how they dress Anna and Elsa, it just makes the look of the film even better. But seriously, Elsa has became like my animated crush; she looked insane!

I also quite liked the twist at the end of Anna and Elsa now being in different parts. Because you obviously think they’ll all go back home and Elsa will be queen but I’m glad Anna got her crown and is now more important. It’s nice to see something different where both the girls can be important.

Even though Frozen is obviously a kids film, it just doesn’t feel that way. I’m 20 years old and some Disney films I do feel like wow that seriously is a film for kids, but I didn’t even think about the fact it was a kids film while watching it. I think Disney understood that Frozen appealed to a WIDE range of people and therefore had to capture everyone to come and watch it and enjoy it. Which I think they accomplished very very well. I went with my mum and she loved it too! It’s a film for everyone and I love how Disney make it feel that way too.

As soon as I left the cinema I already wanted to go see it again. I’m trying to decide if I preferred it to the first which maybe I do? I think I need to watch them both again and then decide but normally there’s that worry that the second film of any series is going to be worse or pointless but Disney pulled through. Frozen 2 is an incredible film and I am so glad they decided to do it. It’s clear why Frozen 2 has been another great success for Disney. As I said at the beginning, if you haven’t seen it then I seriously advise you too! You’re missing out if not…thank you Disney for a beautiful film!

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