Disney Christmas gifts for men

It’s the 1st of December!! Christmas is just round the corner now and so we need to get these presents sorted! Men can be difficult to buy for right? But hopefully this blog post will help you treat your Disney loving brother, boyfriend, dad, uncle, whoever it may be!

Where’s the Wookie?

I’m sure most of you know where’s Wally? Well this is a Star Wars turn on it! My boyfriend actually has this book and I really enjoyed doing it with him. I personally think that even though this may be aimed more for the kids, I think this is a great little present for any age!

ASOS Disney top

I absolutely love this top! Some men may like to wear Disney tops or have something to wear when they visit Disney, but I guess not every man wants the Disney side of it to be so bold and out there. Therefore, this is the perfect subtle Disney top! ASOS has always been great for me with clothing so I’m sure the quality of this would be brilliant. However, ASOS is a more ‘expensive’ shop, this is currently on sale for £16.

Disney cufflinks

How nice are these??? I think this is such a thoughtful gift to give someone. This could be a really good gift for the business man in your life! And, personally I think the price for these is really good, only £25.

Buzz Lightyear controller holder

This is so cool!! I’m sure we all know someone who loves gaming and now you can add a touch of Disney to their gaming with Buzz holding their controller when it’s not in use. I think this is a brilliant idea and that some people would actually really love this present. This is currently on sale for £20, not bad!

Groot mug

Possibly one of the best mugs I have ever seen in my life. Marvel is loved by so many people and so this mug would be perfect for a Disney/Marvel lover! Plus, it’s different to just an ordinary mug due to the design of it. (I’m writing this while the Black Friday sale is on therefore this is currently £9.60)

Mickey T-Shirt

Grumpy Mickey I think is a great look for men. It’s still Disney related but it adds more of a funny effect rather than cute which some men may prefer. This is currently priced for £10.39 which is amazing!

Disney Backpack

Amazon always have such amazing gifts, including this backpack! Whether you know someone who goes to school, college, work or visits Disney often, a backpack is always going to be a helpful gift! I love the design of this backpack! It’s only £27.

Disney shower speaker

Ok now this is cool and something I had never thought about until I saw it on Typo! This is such a cool present which I’m sure would get so much use! Plus, this also currently has 40% off, so it’s currently £12. I love a unique gift and I think this is exactly that!

Disney notepad

Only £6!!!! This is a great looking notepad that can be used at work, school, general notes or of course Disney trip planning. A notepad is always going to be appreciated by males and females because we all need somewhere to make notes throughout our life.

Star Wars travel mug

£12 for a reusable mug, amazing! It’s important to a lot of people these days to try stop the use of plastic water bottles or drinks. Therefore, you can feel extra good about this present since they can reuse this as much as they like! This may especially be good for coffee drinkers.

Honestly, I could be here for days putting everything I see online in this blog post. There are so many amazing gifts out there for the men in your life. It doesn’t matter of their age, there’s products which can be liked by anyone! But these are a few that when I saw them I thought it would be a good idea to include them! I hope these ideas help some of you, happy shopping 🙂

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