Shopdisney Black Friday Deals!

As I’m sure most of you are aware, Black Friday is nearly here! I got a email from shopdisney and I thought you know what I’m going to do a blog post about my favourite items on sale!

EVERYONE GO CRAZY!!!!!’ YES THE BAYMAX TREE DECORATION IS ON SALE!!!! *adds to basket* This absolute adorable decoration has gone down from £13 to £10.40. It may not be the biggest save in the world but every little helps right? Baymax decoration
The worlds cutest cake stand has £8 off! The price for this is now £32! And how perfect would this look at Christmas with desserts on!!! Or simply if you love baking and know you’ll have good use then YOU NEED IT! Cake stand
This backpack is super cute! This would be a perfect backpack for your Disney trips..price is now £20.76 which I think is SO reasonable for a Disney bag!!! Also the perfect gift for someone. Disney backpack
One for the Star Wars fans! BB-8 Interactive Action Figure is now £28 from £35! A good save if you ask me. Kids and adults would love this as a gift or if you want to treat yourself. BB-8 Figure
I mean, I had to include a mug in this post! And of course as soon as I saw that the Chip mug was on sale I knew this was the one I needed to make you all aware of! Only £3 off but it’s now £11.99. Chip mug
OH YES I LOVE!!!! A Christmas Minnie jumper is a need! Got a Christmas jumper day coming up? Oh, you will look the best in this. Also this has £10 off!!!!!! £39.99!!!! Minnie Christmas jumper
Not a fan of Disney ears? Well, you’re lucky! If you prefer to wear a hat but still want the ‘ear’ element this his great is this. I love how it’s quite simply and subtle yet you know know it’s going down the Disney ears route. This is £11.20! Disney Hat
I’m so happy about this one! I’ve been wanting this jumper for so long and it’s very tempting now that it’s down in price! £35.99 is the price now. Disney jumper

There are sooo many items on sale! There’s loads of DVD’s, soft toys, Christmas decorations, and clothing! It’s such a good idea to have a look and see if there’s anything you fancy for yourself or to get as a gift for someone! Have fun shopping!

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