The do’s and dont’s for your next Disney trip

Do: Meet Mickey! It’s an absolute must do for me to meet the main man/mouse himself. Meeting Mickey is always such a cute experience, and can you really visit Disney without getting a photo with him? I don’t think so! At Disneyland Paris, the meet and greet section for Mickey is so nice. When I went in winter, inside was so nice and warm that it was lovely to have a bit of a wait just to warm up and relax. Not only was it the perfect temperature, they have a massive screen playing old Disney cartoons, so it isn’t like you’re just standing in a line, you have entertainment too! 

Don’t: A pet peeve of mine…don’t just stop in the middle of main street when it’s busy. I get it, you want to get the perfect photo but when you’re walking behind someone and they just abruptly stop, it’s very, very annoying… So please, when you want to stop to take a photo, double check who is behind you and whether it’s possible to stop at that exact moment. I don’t mean it in a harsh way, and I understand everyone is excited and wanting to look at all the different things but be considerate of others around you!!!

Do: Be kind to the cast members. Whether they’re in freezing cold conditions working, or boiling hot weather, the cast members may be in the happiest place on earth, but they are still working. They still have a role to fulfil and I doubt their job role is ever quiet and not busy so it’s probably long days, full of loads going on 24/7! Therefore, be kind, say hello to them, chat to them, thank them. Trust me they will appreciate it just like any other worker in the world! But it’s always nice to include the cast members in your activities such as meeting a character or before you go onto a ride.

Don’t: Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a child or adult walking around playing a game or whatever, but people are hooked on their phones at times and it can be difficult to have time off it. I get that people may have work to keep on top of even when they’re away or need to be in touch with people, but for the price you’ve paid for this holiday and how much there is to look at, don’t constantly be on your phone. Take it in and explore as much as you can. Be on your phone to take some photos or check the Disney app for waiting times, but actually use your eyes to see Disney, not just through your phone camera!

Do: Try all the rides! If you aren’t a ride lover then you may not want to do this but if you like rides and don’t mind all the different types of rides, then go ahead and get on as many as you can! For me, I love fast, thrilling rides so attractions like Peter Pan or it’s a small world, doesn’t particularly appeal to me because they are slow movers and aimed at allowing little kids to go on them. But it’s worth going on them at least once! You have to try them otherwise you won’t know what your overall favourite ride is. Plus, it’s nice to experience all the different Disney themed rides. Or even if you aren’t a fan of the thrilling rides, try and get on them and give it a go because you could absolutely love it and feel so glad you ‘forced’ yourself on it!

Don’t: This is probably one massively aimed at me, but again being considerate of the people around you who visit Disney aka a lot of children, don’t swear, or at least try not to! I slip up a lot and swear, it’s almost just in my vocabulary now but I do feel bad when I swear at Disney considering how many younger children may have heard. I don’t exactly want to be a reason a child knows a swear word nor do I want them to repeat it so, it’s a random one but try to hold back the language!

Do: Have a plan. Understandably, some of the best days at Disney could be down to the fact you have no plan at all and just did what you liked when you liked. But sometimes, it can be a good idea to have a plan of action. There’s a lot to do in the parks and you want to make sure you get done all that you want. So, by having a plan you can cross off what you have done and keep track of the time more often to make sure you fit everything in! It doesn’t have to be a action packed plan, with everything written down to the exact minute you have to do it, but having a guideline and list of what you want to do will help! Something that I do is make a checklist on my phone that I can keep looking back at over the course of the day or the whole holiday to remind myself what I want to do.

Don’t: Disney have a busy schedule day plan every day the parks are open. Therefore, they have to ensure that everything runs smoothly and goes the way it should. For example, the parades, Disney parks have parades throughout the day, but it involves the crowd behaving. The cast members will start to guide the crowd to the side of the pavement to make room for the parade to travel down. Therefore, listen to the cast members. They know what they’re doing, and they know how to make it safe for everyone. If they say ‘stay back behind the line’ then do it! You don’t want to get in the way of the dancers and make a scene during a show that people queue and wait to watch. Plus, there are massive floats that travel down the route, so I don’t think you want your children running in front of them!

Do: Save for your Disney trip! Everyone has different money situations, and everyone can spend different amounts on their holiday. But I advise that as soon as your holiday is booked or before you book it, begin to save as much as you can! Disney have so many incredible items in all the shops around the parks and it can be hard to resist or if you want to treat someone special to something. Therefore, by saving money beforehand, it allows you to feel more relaxed about spending and you can almost enjoy the moment more. You don’t want to be stressed out about whether you can afford an item you so badly want. Give yourself the best experience and save those pennies!

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