WDW Prep 11 – What are Magic Bands and how do you use them?

Magic bands are probably the best invention that Disney produced. What is a Magic band you may ask? It’s a wristband (kind of like a watch style but without a watch face, instead it being a printed Mickey) that is a device. The Magic band is such a useful, easy accessory for your trip. Understandably, they may not be everyone’s favourite because they do look quite bulky and aren’t the most fashionista item BUT it’s so cool what it’s uses are!

You can use a Magic band to unlock your room (no more worrying about carrying a key card and making sure you remember it or not losing it). You simply, put your wrist to the door handle and ta-dah!!!! the door opens! I think this is a great idea to have within the Magic band because even though you have to still remember your Magic band, it’s something you wear so it’s more likely to be remembered compared to a room key card. Plus, it would be easier to lose or drop a key card compared to a Magic band.

Along with your room, the Magic band is your entrance to the parks! The gold Mickey heads at the entrance are where you place the Magic band (the cast members will be there to help you with this so don’t worry!) and then you also place your finger on the other part next to the gold Mickey and then it will go green and you’re in! It’s pretty cool to be able to enter the park by yourself, by placing your wrist and finger on the polls without having to show the cast members tickets. Plus, it stop the use of paper tickets which is brilliant!

I assume you’re starting to understand that your Magic band is basically your card to things in Disney. Not only does it let you get in places, you can also buy your food and merchandise with it! To pay for things with your Magic band, you will link it to your account either online or when you check in at the Disney hotel you’re staying at. Don’t worry, it is safer than you’re thinking. When you are linking it to a credit card, you create a 4 digit pin that you have to enter when purchasing things in the parks to verify that it’s you! So, the charges are being charged back to your hotel room. However, the purchases aren’t taken from your bank during your stay. You won’t be charged the full total until midnight, the night before you check out. I guess in that sense, it can be a bit daring since you can’t physically see it coming out your bank until the end but, it is also quite relaxing knowing you don’t have to worry about paying for it until the end of the trip!

Lastly, you can also use your Magic band to ‘sign in’ to your fast passes. There will be the Magic band Mickey heads for you to touch your band to, that will go green if you have a fast pass and are within your time slot of the fast pass. Therefore, again, not having to worry about showing someone that you have a fast pass booked… it’s so easy!

So that’s a round up of what your Magic band can do! Now, how do you get your Magic band? Well, by staying in a Disney Hotel, you get the band for free and will receive it at the hotel when you check in if you live outside the US. But, if you live in the US, your Magic bands will be sent to you before your trip.

Magic bands have became such a huge part of your Disney trip. They have so many styles now from colours to characters! So, you have a wide choice of Magic bands to pick from. Personally, I think I’m going to stick to a coloured one so it will go with more outfits…I’m thinking baby pink. I know that Joe is quite interested in getting a character one! Due to the more complex design, the character Magic bands do cost more than the plain coloured ones! I won’t put a price down just incase the prices changes, especially since Disney love to change their prices fairly often. But you can find the prices online or on Shopdisney, so the information will be available for you at the time you are looking for them.

Another amazing thing that the Magic bands supply for you is the easiness of having your photo’s uploaded to your My Disney Experience account. Disney have a PhotoPass service where you can have professional photos taken, along with receiving photos from rides. When you have had a photo taken from a cast member, you scan your Magic band and it will appear on your account not too long after! The ride photos don’t involve scanning after the ride. They will appear in your account shortly after riding. This is sooo great that you can easily get your amazing photos by scanning your Magic band and have them with you shortly in your My Disney Experience account!

Not only do Magic bands already offer all of this and have such an important role in your trip, they are also waterproof! So, no need to worry about taking them off and keeping an eye on them while you’re round the pool. You can get straight in the water and relax! Plus, with Splash Mountain being a water ride, they need to keep this in mind that Magic bands can get wet on rides so it wouldn’t of been the smartest idea to have them break as soon as water gets on them.

I think this was a fantastic idea for Disney to introduce to the parks. It’s so easy and all you really need to remember is your Magic band when heading out the hotel room. It’s also super great how you can choose from so many different designs so you actually have a choice instead of just a generic black band for example. Plus, there’s nothing stopping you from buying a new band when you next go. Then you’ll have a nice collection of Magic bands to remember each trip, along with having the excitement of getting a new one! But, the Magic bands are reusable, so you don’t have to always buy a new one, you can just take your previous Magic band to reuse next time.

Obviously, you don’t have to have a Magic band to enter the parks or pay for things or use your fast pass. This is an optional accessory to have if you like! But, I believe that most people now use Magic bands simply for the ‘coolness’ of how great it is and the ease of it.

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