Boohoo Disney Clothing items you need!

One of my favourite things to do is look online at the clothing websites to see what Disney items they have in stock at the moment! Boohoo currently have a brilliant Disney selection and I just had to share some bits with you!

Just how cute is this Lion King PJ Set! I am in love with it, especially since purple is the colour of my room and bedding, therefore it would look so good together haha! This set is currently £13.50 on sale, originally £18 which I think is such a good price for a Disney PJ set! –
A Mickey Christmas Jumper omg!! I love this! How great is this for the Christmas season. Such a lovely colour and simple design and subtle Christmas effect! Love it – currently £15, originally £20 –
Oh my god, I LOVE THIS TOP! This style top is what I love to wear. I love a bit of text on a plain tee! Plus, I love how ‘Disney’ is in the Disney font and it’s different colours, this is one of my favourite items! AND ONLY £9!!!! Amazing, originally £12 which is still so super cheap! –
Is this set just the best travel set ever??? Airport outfit is this! How great would this be on your travel day to Disney! A must need if you ask me. I love love love comfy sets, especially grey coloured! I can’t get over how many nice clothing items Boohoo has at the moment, i’m struggling to only pick a selection to add to this post! This set is currently £18.75, was originally £25 –
This is the perfect top for Animal Kingdom! For a lot of people, it’s essential to go to Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World wearing something animal print and Boohoo has provided! I think this is so super cute and something different to have the main feature on the back of the top! Price is currently £10.50, was £14 –
One for the men! Or still for the women because we can just wear it oversized haha! Love this top, I mean even when he’s supposed to be angry or grumpy, he’s still cute! Another nice, simple top but featuring the main mouse himself! Only £6 atm which is incredible! Original price £10 –
One for the brides to be out there! A lovely PJ set featuring Belle so cute. Also love how the shorts have little thrills and the rose on them, great touch! On sale for £13.50, original price £18 –
I couldn’t just include the simple tee’s and sets so here is a more out there, bold top! I love the colour of this and how big Minnie is featuring on the front. A great top to get oversized or the right size to tuck into a pair of jeans or shorts. Defiantly a clothing piece to spice up your outfit. Only £11.25, originally £15 –
Okay okay I hear you, just one more Christmas item right? This jumper is so pretty. I love the design within the Mickey shape and that it features Mickey, Minnie and Pluto! A subtle but stunning jumper for Christmas. £15 atm, but original price is £20 –

Well, if you ask me, Boohoo has LOADS of beautiful Disney items currently! I can’t believe how every item in their Disney collection I would love to have and wear. Plus, as i’m writing this and posting it, they have such a good sale on! Boohoo is a website I constantly keep an eye on and order from because they always have some sort of discount on or a code to apply and are always bringing in new items. I especially love their Disney Christmas items! I haven’t included every piece (I easily could’ve because they’re all so nice) but these are my favourite items out of the selection. Just visit their website and type in Disney to view the others, but I have included a link to each item listed above! Seriously guys, go take a look! If you have a Disney trip coming up or in the future or simply love wearing Disney clothing then you need Boohoo in your life.

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