Why should you go to Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris is a MUCH smaller Disney park compared to the others around the world. I have only ever visited Disneyland Paris and people love to tell me how I won’t be able to cope with the size difference of Walt Disney World when I visit there next year. I believe its going to be very overwhelming experiencing the size difference and how you can’t just walk from park to park and that the bus journey may take half an hour to reach a destination. Obviously, it’s great to have more Disney parks within one space like Walt Disney World, but I think the smaller size of Disneyland Paris is something that I love about it so much. I love to wake up in the morning and not worry about making the bus because I can just walk from my hotel to the parks. I love being able to go from park to park without worrying about the length of time it will take to get there (the two parks are LITERALLY next door to each other, it’s so great!).

So, why should you visit Disneyland Paris? Granted, if you are a hardcore Disney fan, I’m sure you don’t need much persuading to understand why you should visit another Disney park. Disney are so extra with everything they do that it doesn’t matter what park it is; it will always be such a magical experience. But for those not as hardcore Disney fans, or people who are just wondering about visiting, I’m going to inform you in why I think you should go!

The easiness of Disneyland Paris is a fantastic element to the park. As I mentioned previously, because of its size, it’s much more capable and most likely more relaxing. Yes, you will still be spending hours in the parks and walking round and queuing all day, so I’m not saying you wont be tired at the end of the day, but it allows you to take breaks or go back to the hotel for a quick half an hour without wasting loads of time out of your day. It’s much easier to go get something to eat if you didn’t want to eat in the parks because Disney Village is only a very shot walk from the exit of the parks. As I’ve said, you don’t even necessarily need to get a bus to and from the parks and your hotel because it is walkable to every hotel. It may take about 15 minutes but sometimes by time you’ve waited for your specific bus and got there, it may not be far off the time of you walking. Plus, I think walking is a much nicer experience! The smaller size of the parks makes it easier to get around and allows you to see all that you want to see. Maybe during busier periods, it will be more difficult to do all that you want, but it isn’t impossible! You aren’t running from one end of the park to another because there isn’t a need to! Unless you’re on the edge of missing a fast pass or something but you can relax more about getting from one land to another because it doesn’t take long until you’re in a new land! The same with going from the Disneyland Park to Walt Disney Studios. All you have to do is exit one park, walk around the corner and BOOM the other park is there! It’s so great to have them so close to each other.

Along with the easiness within the parks, I think the transport to get to Disney is so good! The train station is literally just outside Disney Village. Getting the train/Eurostar to Disney makes it so much more enjoyable I feel because as soon as you’re off the train…you are in Disney! But even still, taking a plane to get to Disney only involves a bus or cab journey from the airport which to my calculations isn’t that long! Or even if you are visiting Paris and want to head to Disney for a day, it’s so easy! Joe and I did the opposite and went to Paris for a morning from Disney. It cost us 18 euros (price may have changed since this was in 2016) and I think it only took about half an hour until we were bang smack in Paris by the Eiffel Tower. It’s so easy to get to and from no matter what transport you take to get to Disney. 

The magic is still there. Again, I’m going to mention how Disneyland Paris is small, so I guess some people may think, well is it worth it? I think it is for sure! It’s still a Disney park and Disney still ensure that the magic is there and that everything is as perfect as can be. They still have the music playing down Main Street, and the smell of the bakery, the entertainment, the characters walking about…it’s all still so incredible! Just because it’s smaller, it doesn’t mean that Disney would only do a half-arsed job… if anything, Disneyland Paris is like your quick fix of Disney that you may need now and again (I know I do). Instead of having to spend 14 nights away, in the boiling heat, you could visit Disneyland Paris for 3 nights and feel refreshed of Disney!

The rides are fantastic at DLP. There are some rides that are also in other Disney parks such as Tower of Terror and Big Thunder Mountain. So, if you have visited other parks, you will be able to experience your favourite rides here too! If you love rides or theme parks, then you’ll love Disneyland Paris. Who wouldn’t love a ride being Disney themed/Star Wars themed/Peter Pan themed? You just can’t beat it in my opinion. There is a mixture of rides from slow rides, rides for younger children, and of course the thrilling rides for the brave people out there. So, whoever you travel with, there will most likely be something that you will all enjoy.

Shopping is a lovely activity to do at DLP. For me, the only Disney shop I have near me is the Disney Store, so I love going to the park or Disney Village to see the park items and how much more stock they have there. Shopping is so nice to do while taking a break from the rides or character meets. It gets all the family interested because there’s so much good items to look at. I mean, the shopping at Disney is expensive but you can find some cheaper items or even sale items to pick up as a keep sake! But you also get the different kind of shops such as Disney Art or a Disney Lego Store. I love exploring all the shops and seeing what’s new from last time I visited. I understand that not everyone loves shopping, but I feel like what’s there to hate about Disney shopping? You can even buy Disney shaped pasta from one of the shops!!!! AMAZING!!!!!

A Disney holiday is always going to be expensive and hurt your bank account a little bit. Disneyland Paris is still an expensive option even though it isn’t as big as Walt Disney World. Don’t get me wrong its MILES cheaper but it’s going to cost a good few hundreds to book. I suppose a Disney holiday could be to celebrate an event such as a birthday, because of how much it costs, it may be worth instead of buying presents for someone, to spend that money on a trip! Also, when you’re out there, it’s still going to cost a lot on food and shopping, but you don’t have to always go to the most expensive restaurants or buy lots of items, there are ways to keep the cost down! So, I think as most of you are probably aware, a trip to Disney will be expensive but to me its worth the cheaper price than other Disney parks. I think before, it cost me and Joe around £600 for a 4-night stay in February. It’s still a lot for 4 nights but tbh for Disney…that’s fairly cheap! It’s all about looking round for the best price and best company to book it for. Personally, I couldn’t recommend Magic Breaks enough! They always have deals and you are in safe hands with them.

If you love Disney or want to ‘test’ a Disney holiday before going full out to one of the bigger parks, then I think Disneyland Paris is the way to go! Even if you aren’t a massive Disney fan, I still think anyone would love it because of the incredible experience you have while you’re there. I’ve never felt happier anywhere else! It’s a good idea for a short, but full on holiday for all ages – it isn’t just for kids. Have a look online at what more is involved at Disneyland Paris and do your research before spending your money to see what deals you can find and when may be best to visit. To me, it’s a must do to visit!

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