How can you make your Disney trip countdown even more exciting?

As exciting as it may be to countdown to your Disney trip, it can seem a long wait until the big day. My countdown started of over 500 days!! That’s a lonnnnng time to be counting down to something haha! So, I thought right I need to make this countdown more exciting and more bearable because 500 days is a long wait.

Something I have on my phone to check how many days I have left is a countdown app. I love not looking at it for a while and then checking it and being like woah those days went down quick. It makes it feel like it will actually come around quicker than I think. Plus, it’s nice to be able to know instantly how many days I have left just by simply checking my phone. 

For my blog, I have started a Walt Disney World Prep series which started when my trip was a year away. So, for the 52 weeks of counting down a year till I go, I am posting a new blog post about preparing for the trip. This is actually working very well in seeing how fast each week is going. I mean, it’s a bit frightening at times how quick the months seem to past but having a number on each blog post like ‘WDW Prep 4’, makes me realise ‘omg I’m posting number 4 already’.

If you don’t have a blog but a YouTube channel, you could start a YouTube series for your countdown. I think this would be such a fun way to countdown by creating new videos each week or month, either about Disney, about your trip, preparation, what you want to do when you’re there etc.

Some people like to have a countdown item in their bedroom or house. Amazon sells some great countdown chalkboards that are Disney themed, or you could have the light boards. I think it’s nice to have something that you physically change every day because it’s the excitement of waking up and knowing you can already change the number again.

Social media can also be a good way to countdown. For example, each month you could post a new image saying how many months left. It makes it fun because you could design it yourself and I bet you’ll be surprised just how soon you’ll be posting another month down image. Plus, if you have a following of other Disney fans, it lets them be aware of your trip and most of the time you’ll have someone comment saying how close it is or how exciting it is. It’s nice to feel like you have a community around you who are also looking forward to you going.

Good old fashion calendars or diaries are also a nice touch to have to countdown. For example, some people like to cross off each day of their calendar which will eventually reach the day you go. I used to be someone who would cross off every day when I have an event coming up and it felt quite satisfying to cross off the day once it was over and see how quickly the crosses add up.

Or maybe if you don’t mind spending some money, each month it gets closer you could go buy a Disney related item like a new top for your trip or a new set of ears to build up the excitement even more by having new items to wear or use while you’re away. If you want cheap items to buy so you don’t end up paying out a fortune every month, Primark is the place to go!

Planning your trip for Disney does also help with the countdown since you can book your fast passes beforehand and restaurant reservations. So, it’s nice to also have planning things to look forward to as well along with writing lists of what rides you wanna do etc. But these are some ideas that you could use for yourself, or your family to help the time go quicker!

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