WDW Prep 9 – Magic Kingdom Entertainment

I think a main element to Disney’s success of their parks is the entertainment that happens every day. There is always something going on and they are always thinking of new shows or ideas to keep people coming back and also appeal to new customers. Obviously, not being to WDW I can’t comment on what I thought about the entertainment but I’m going to let you know what Magic Kingdom offers and what goes on throughout the day!

All this information I am informing you on is based on 2019, so please check with Disney on any changes to their entertainment and times.

Something that I see in loads of people’s vlogs is there Casey’s Corner Pianist. From the vlogs, this is such a cute added extra to Main Street. The Pianist is brilliant and it’s so nice to hear the sound of a piano which is upbeat and happy or even playing a Disney song. The Pianist has performances throughout the day (11:10, 12:25, 1:25, 2:35, 3:40, 5:10, 5:55) so hopefully you’ll be able to see the little show while you’re there!

Another piece of entertainment down Main Street are the Dapper Dans. You’ll know who the Dapper Dans are since they will be dressed in colourful, stripey waist-suits, trousers and hats! They sing in harmony along with tap dancing! How great does that sound! They seem like they like to crack a joke aswell and keep the audience involved. This must sound lovely to listen to since it’s harmony, along with the sound of their tap shoes! I did tap dancing as a child, so I would quite like to see these sing and dance! Their show goes on for 20 minutes which is a nice time to have a little break from the craziness of Magic Kingdom and also it can help kill some time in between fast passes! Their performance times are 9:45, 10:35, 12:00, 12:55, 3:30 and 4:15.

Entering Magic Kingdom in the morning can be extra magical! At 7:55am, by the castle, Disney characters come out on stage for a quick 5 minute performance to celebrate the opening of the park. Some of the characters you’ll see is, obviously Mickey and Minnie, Chip n Dale, and you may even see Rapunzel and Flynn and Mary Poppins – the characters may depend on the time of year you go so I wont clarify exactly who is on the stage just in case of any changes! This show is called ‘Let the Magic Begin’ which I love! It sums up Disney opening Magic Kingdom in 4 perfect words! I hope I will see this show since I feel like it will build up the excitement even more and it’s something special that probably not everyone will see depending on the time they get to the park.

Disney is known for their fireworks shows. It’s a must see when you visit and honestly, every time I’ve seen the fireworks at DLP, I have cried! The fireworks to me make me feel so grateful and happy that I’m there and experiencing Disney with my boyfriend. Happily Ever After is the firework show at the castle for 9:00pm. Disney go so extra on their fireworks and its crazy that they do it every night! They base the show on Disney films and include many characters. Everyone loves the fireworks and I can see why. Even though I’ve only seen the Disneyland Paris ones, considering that’s less extravagant, I know for sure I will love the WDW fireworks. Joe, my boyfriend, always says to me ‘just wait till you see the WDW show’. I can’t wait to see them and I hope that my last night at Disney will be spent watching this as I sob for hours after not wanting to leave!!

Disney also are known for their amazing parades that happen throughout the day. The times for these can vary so I suggest simply checking the time for the dates that you will be there for. The parades are loved by so many people. It’s something for any age and I’m sure any kids in your family will absolutely love the parades! It’s a time where you can see all your favourite characters while watching some dancing and listening to some music. The parades take up a huge path of the park so it does take a while for the parade to finish since all the floats and characters have to get around it all. If you aren’t interested in watching the parade or have seen it once in your trip and don’t feel the need to see it again, then this is the perfect time for you to go check out those big rides! Lots of people will watch the parade to enjoy and take some time out of walking around, so the ride queue times will be shorter!

Something different to the shows, is the Flag Retreat. Every day at 5:15pm you get to hear the trumpets while you watch the American Flag come down. They do this as a thank you to veterans for their service, sacrifice and dedication to protecting our country. I think this is a beautiful idea for Disney to do and it creates a great remembrance for America. This is done in the Town Square on Main Street (just where you enter the park).

Along with the entertainment, there are also many character meet and greets that you can experience. Some characters include, Gaston, Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, Ariel and Alice in Wonderland. So you have a great choice of characters to meet!

Disney offer many different types of entertainment that appeals to all ages. As I said, there are always things going on and something that you can watch if you want to something different or take a short break from rides. I can’t wait to see the entertainment in Magic Kingdom and hopefully I will be able to see most of the shows!

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