Annette’s restaurant review – Disneyland Paris Village

I visited Annette’s during my last trip to DLP. Since it is a more expensive restaurant in Disneyland, myself and Joe decided to go here on valentines day to treat ourselves.

Firstly the theme of this restaurant is amazing. It’s an American themed diner which I love since I haven’t experienced the real deal of a proper American diner, so whenever I am able to visit something similar, I’m so up for it! Annette’s is a place for those Instagram photos. It’s super colourful with cute seats and also great food to picture! Also, the outside of this restaurant when its lit up at night looks amazing and really stands out in the village!

This restaurant does get busy and can have a long wait depending on the time of day you go. We decided to go at lunch time to hope it was less busy which it was! But by time we were leaving, almost every seat was full up! However, even though it was busy, the service was still great! The food arrived at a decent time and the same with paying for the bill.

Even though this is a more experience restaurant, for me, it’s so worth it! We shared a chocolate milkshake which I recommend you try, one of the best milkshakes i’ve ever had! It’s a good treat to splash some cash on (this shake was 9.99 euros). This meal was probably the most expensive meal we had during our trip, burgers costing us 18.99 euros each.

Following this, the food portion size was HUGE! I ordered a chicken burger which came with two massive chicken breasts??? I only have ever received one chicken breast for a burger! For someone small like me, it was difficult to finish the whole thing! So, you’re definitely getting a meal worth the buck!

The portion size is one thing but the quality of the food is also amazing! I really enjoyed my meal here and will be visiting again – maybe when I haven’t ate anything else that day so i can fit everything in haha!

The menu doesn’t have a huge variety of different meals, it is mainly burgers which for most people is perfect! However, for picky eaters do check the menu before you start queuing up and waiting; just make sure there is something you’ll eat!

I can’t comment on the desserts here since there was no room for one, but my next visit I will for sure try their brownie.

If you have some spare money to visit here or want to treat yourself, try out Annette’s!

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