When’s the best time to visit Disneyland Paris?

With the next year fast approaching (honestly, how is it already November), I thought it would be a helpful idea to suggest the best times to visit Disney. Being on a slightly low budget, whenever I have gone Disneyland Paris, I always try to find the cheapest time to go. But it can be difficult since my boyfriend Joe who I go with, is currently at Uni and therefore his holidays are often around the time that school holidays are. But luckily with Uni, their holidays are a few weeks before the rest of the schools break up. I have been to Disneyland Paris in October half term before, but I was 6 so I don’t really remember much about it. So, ill be basing this blog post on the 2 previous times I have been where I actually remember what the crowd level was like! The 2 previous times, I visited at the beginning of July and the second week of February.

Both these times, I think was great crowd level where it didn’t feel too busy, but it wasn’t too empty where it didn’t feel like there was much of an atmosphere. I think the crowd level within the parks does depend on the weather. For example, people may dodge Disneyland in the winter months since it could rain everyday and therefore it wouldn’t be as enjoyable and rides could be shut… However, I braved this, this February and we were SO lucky with the weather. It was freezing, like -2 one morning when we did extra magic hours, but during the day the sun would be out and there was no rain! As long as there’s no rain, I think its very doable to visit the parks in the colder months.

Anyway, carrying on from the weather, February was much quieter compared to going at the beginning of July. Even though the beginning of July was still before the school six weeks holiday, it was busier. February was silent visiting the parks in extra magic hours. Dealing with the cold was one thing but walking round the park with hardly anyone there was unreal. It felt so much calmer and like you could explore a bit more and take your time to look at things that you may not have the chance to when the park is more packed. Even though I was freezing, I do think I would go Disney again in February because the crowd level was great!

However, going to Disney at the beginning of July was my favourite. The weather was UNREAL like 32 degrees one day which I do enjoy the sun and heat, but it can get a little hard to stand around in it all day. But, coming from the UK, it was so pleasant to have some sun and heat at that time of the year…the UK just loves to rain. Therefore, if I could pick between February or July, I would defo visit again in July. But by it being in the summer and the warmer months, the parks were busier, but it didn’t feel unbearable or too much to handle. Granted, since the parks stay open longer in the summer, the crowd is more spread out throughout the day. Whereas, in the winter, the parks shut earlier and therefore because no one is ready to sleep yet, the Disney Village can get very busy of an evening.

A time of year I do want to visit is before the Easter holidays. Not only is this because Easter is near my birthday and I’d love to go Disney around my birthday one year, but the weather is slightly better and warmer in March/April. I’ve seen before that people have recommended March as a good time to go to Disneyland Paris because there aren’t any school holidays.

Disneyland Paris is small and only having 2 parks, does mean that the crowds may seem worse than what they actually are. But to me, I almost feel like I don’t even pay attention to the crowds because I’m so distracted by everything else and running over to the next ride or having a meal somewhere. It never has felt like people are in the way or that it’s too loud if you get what I mean?

I recommend, if you can, going when the kids are at school. Obviously, Disney is for any age, but kids love all things Disney and therefore, they do take up a lot of the crowd and demand in visiting. I’ve seen that when I go out of school holidays, the crowd is more filled with adults and couples which I prefer since I’m not the biggest lover of kids (no offence to those parents out there). But you don’t have the screaming or the crying. You have a more chilled out atmosphere and people understand that we all want to get that perfect picture shot so they’ll move out the way…you get what I mean guys?

Another advantage for going Disney out of school holiday season is the price. Trust me, the price can skyrocket when they know that the kids are off and want a trip to Disney. It’s actually crazy at times to see the difference in price from a week before the school holidays to the next week being in the school holidays! So, this is another big reason as to why the time of year is important because the price changes constantly depending on the time of year.

The main months I’d recommend that you visit Disneyland Paris are, January (after the new year rush), February (minus the half term), March/April (baring in mind when Easter is), May and June can also be good months because it’s before the school holidays. Then I’d suggest looking at September once the schools are back and then really the end of the year is always going to be slightly more expensive and busy because of Halloween and Christmas. Overall, there are a fair few months that are the best times to go, so you have a good choice! I suppose most people are mainly bothered about the price it would cost to go so I suggest to figure out the best price, look around at different travel agents/websites, test the price of different arrival days (Tuesdays apparently are cheapest), if Disney are hosting a specific event/season event, the hotel you pick, the transport you take to get there, but a big factor is the time of year. Do your research, check the school holidays and check the bank holidays.

I hope this has helped some of you that are wondering when to visit DLP and when you should potentially avoid going if you’d rather less people and a cheaper trip!

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