WDW Prep 8 – Magic Kingdom Food

Now we are onto Magic Kingdom! The park I can’t wait to see and finally see the castle in person – I’m hoping to visit here on my first full day.

I’m going to discuss some of the restaurants I can’t wait to try or ones that I think I may visit or that I think people need to be made aware of (if you wasn’t aware of them already)

First up, and the one I’m most excited about is the Be Our Guest Restaurant. This is obviously by the name, a Beauty and The Beast themed restaurant. Belle was one of my favourite princesses when I was younger so that also adds some more excitement to visit! This restaurant looks SO BEAUTIFUL! They’ve really taken this restaurant to the extra mile I feel and I seriously can’t wait to eat here! This restaurant is a sit down restaurant, that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Be Our Guest is an expensive restaurant but it seems like it’s very worth it! I think when I visit, I’m going to go for breakfast. I’ve heard that they bring you over some pastries and keep topping them up as you eat them, I mean this is a fantastic thing for Disney to do! They have a wide selection of choice on their menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For the dining plan service, Be Our Guest Restaurant is a table service credit and a quick service credit. Oh and not forgetting, you have to try the Grey Stuff…

Casey’s Corner is a classic! A quick service place that serves American’s favourites! Hot dog galore! Along with Hot dogs, they also serve fries, mac and cheese and my favourite dessert, a brownie! Casey’s is a cheaper option for food so it’s a good choice if you want to cut down on spending lots of money! I’ve been to the one in Disneyland Paris and really enjoyed my meal. The inside of the restaurant looks good and defo meets the American theme! My boyfriend loves the hot dogs here, so I’m sure we will be visiting in WDW!

For a different twist on restaurants, we also have Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. Being in the Florida heat, ice cream is going to be needed! They do some desserts aswell such as a warm apple pie (Apple Blossom Sundae), a Brownie Sundae and a Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich…erm YES PLEASE! But obviously, being an ice cream parlor, you can just get some scoops of ice cream. The flavours aren’t a huge selection, it’s really just the classic flavours, chocolate, mint, and cookies n cream!

The Crystal Palace is a character experience meal. The characters in this restaurant are the WInnie the Pooh gang! Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner but as a buffet restaurant! While you grab your food and enjoy, the characters will be walking round to meet you all! This seems to be some people’s favourite character meal experience. It’s super cute, especially since its Pooh, Tiger etc… Since it is a character dining experience, it is a pricing option! But your kids will love it and the adults will too! Especially if you’re a parent, being able to be in an environment where your kids can meet the characters with some real 1 on 1 time and in a calmer, safer environment. Some food options include, pancakes and waffles for breakfast, freshly made soup for lunch and roasted carved meats for dinner!

One snack I will try is the Cheshire cat tail from Cheshire cafe! This has been raved about and therefore I need to have a taste! And well, that’s it for Cheshire cafe…literally just for the tail…that’s how popular it is! It’s basically a chocolate pastry twist with purple and pink icing across it!

Magic Kingdom also have dining events. This means, for example, at Halloween time they have Disney’s Not So Scary Spectacular Dessert Party that are held with different viewings of the park. Along with seasonal dining events, they also have Fireworks Dessert Party. This simply means being able to eat some yummy treat while having a great view of the fireworks. I think these are a great, cute idea that Disney introduced. It gives a more private, assured good view of the fireworks while indulging in some unique treats, how perfect! These events are EXPENSIVE so I personally wouldn’t do it because of how much it costs, but if you want to spoil yourselves and have a different event at Disney, this could be perfect for you!

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