Travelling by Eurostar to Disneyland Paris – what’s it like?

I’ve travelled to Disneyland Paris by the Eurostar the past 2 times I have visited. I have departed from Ebbsfleet and London Kings Cross St Pancras. Ebbsfleet involved driving to the station whereas Kings Cross, I was able to get on the train into London.

The Eurostar I find super easy and relaxing to use to travel to Disney. I find it great that I am able to just sit on a train and be there in no time! Both times from both train stations, the security has been fantastic. When I arrived at Ebbsfleet, it was an early train and there was no one queuing for the security at all, so I literally just walked through – it was amazing! I defo prefer that type of security compared to airport security where it can take hours and always feels so much more intense…

Even though Kings Cross is in the middle of London and an overall busy station with many trains departing all day, the section for the Eurostar was surprisingly relaxing and a calm atmosphere. I don’t think I’ve ever even looked into flying to Disneyland Paris because I prefer the train so much more and it’s always been hassle free! It’s also a bonus for my boyfriend Joe who hates flying so it’s so good having another option of transport to get there.

The latest Eurostar train I went on was so upgraded and new. It was pretty comfy and felt nice and clean which obviously everyone wants. To me, the journey goes so quick on the train. I think the best part of it all is that when you arrive to Disney, the train station is LITERALLY right by the parks and village. It’s brilliant! You walk out the station and boom, you’re there. How much better can it get? Whereas, flying, you still need to then travel in a cab or transfer to the parks.

Personally, I think the fact that the train station is basically in Disney, makes it feel so much more exciting and magical knowing as soon as you’re off the train you are in Disney. Plus, it makes the journey going home much easier. For example, if you have a later train in the day, you can still go to the parks in the morning and only spare an hour for getting back to your hotel to get your case and then back to the train station!

Also, both times I’ve been on the Eurostar, especially the last time, the train was empty! It was so nice to be able to feel more relaxed without loads of noise or people banging the back of your seat or whatever it may be. It felt like royalty being in a carriage with hardly anyone else!

I think the Eurostar is so so easy to use and it’s defiantly an option to consider first. It can be fairly expensive, but it probably isn’t much different from the price of a flight. But as I’ve said, since the train station is right by Disney, it cuts down the price of needing to travel further to your hotel. Also, if you are able to get to Kings Cross by train, that will potentially be much less than a cab to an airport. For example, for me it cost £3.90 on the district line train to get to Kings Cross, whereas to get to an airport, a cab would be at least £40. Crazy! However, this obviously depends on where you live and what is closer to you either an airport or a train station. But do look around at different websites/travel agents to see if they do any deals or can get the Eurostar cheaper for your holiday, but for me, I have always booked it through Trainline.

Comparing the Eurostar to planes, I also think it’s a benefit knowing that you’re on a track and not in the sky…just a good reason for the people who may prefer to be on the ground haha! Also, I find them less noisy than a plane which obviously is understandable considering planes have HUGE engines, but it can feel more relaxing because of the quieter noise.

Overall, the Eurostar is my number one transport option to get to Disney. It’s less busy, less stress, right by Disney and to be a better experience. I am not against flying and if it was ever much cheaper to fly than get the train, then I probably would decide to fly but as I said above, I always check Eurostar before flights.

7 thoughts on “Travelling by Eurostar to Disneyland Paris – what’s it like?

    1. Ah that’s amazing! I’d love to go in December for the Christmas season one year, have the best time! And yeah, the Eurostar has always been great to me, I hope your travel journey goes well!


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