WDW Prep 7 – Disney Springs Shopping

Who doesn’t love doing some shopping on holiday? Especially Disney shopping!

Disney springs is the place to go to look round the shops and see what great items you can find!

There is a huge range of different shops at Disney springs, ranging from Art, Clothes, Beauty and Mickey ears! Without being to Disney springs before I can’t really say exactly what shops I will visit when I’m there but from researching, I’m going to list some shops that I am most excited about!

Disney’s Days of Christmas: I mean who doesn’t love looking at Disney Christmas merchandise all year long? As soon as the Christmas season are in the shops, I’m there straight away looking for new Disney items! But here, you can visit any time of year and check out the Christmas selection! I’m going in September so I think it’s 100% acceptable to visit the Christmas shop since it’s only a few months before Christmas..

The Lego Store: I absolutely love visiting the Lego Store at DLP and seeing the different Disney Lego builds. It’s amazing how people can actually make something so big and detailed just from Lego! Not only will kids love going here, so will us adults! We’ve all been bought up around Lego, it’s a brilliant piece of my childhood.

Once upon a toy: No matter how old I get, I’ll always love visiting a toy shop and seeing what is new! It’s crazy to see the difference in toys from when I was younger to now. Even though I probably wouldn’t buy a toy at my age, I feel like it must be a really fun shop and any kids dream shop! Plus it will have a mixture of different Disney characters and films toys in there which is great!

Zara: A bit of a different one here but since there are some retail shops such as Zara, I probably will go in to have a mooch around to see what the prices are like from pounds to dollars and what different stock America may have compared to the UK.

Disney’s Pin Traders: I’m not one to collect pins but I love looking at them and seriously Disney have a MASSIVE range of different pins so it’s great to spend some time looking at all the different designs. Also in this shop, they have Mickey ears and vinylmation. When my boyfriend has visited Disney before, he’s collected the vinylmation’s so I’m sure he would love to see what new ones they have considering he hasn’t been for 5 years! Plus, they’re pretty cute so I wanna see them too!

The Art of Disney: Looking at the Disney art is incredible! It amazes me how beautiful it all looks. I can appreciate the look of the art and especially when it’s Disney themed, it’s even better! Joe loves looking at the art too and since we are both quite creative people within our careers, we always take out some time to see the art at DLP and so we will now at WDW. Personally I think it’s a must to go into the Art shop…

Goofy’s Candy Company: I’m a bit sweet tooth girl so I’ve gotta visit this shop. I LOVE any type of bakery or sweet/candy shop and always have to go in them. I know for sure I will adore this shop and probably spend too long in there just admiring the different sweets haha! Any age will love this shop – it’s one for everyone to check out.

So these shops are a selection of shops that take my fancy for when I visit Disney Springs. I can’t wait to finally see Disney Springs and explore all the different shops that aren’t at DLP or in the UK!

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