Recommend length of time to spend at Disneyland Paris

The 2 previous times that I’ve visited Disneyland Paris, I have stayed for 4 nights and had 5 days in the parks. However, was this long enough or even potentially too long?

You may be thinking to yourself ‘how can that possibly be too long to spend time in Disney’. I get you; I’d love to spend as many days as possible in Disney, but Disneyland Paris is a small Disney park. There’s only the Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios so compared to other Disney parks, DLP is fairly small. 

The first time Joe and I visited DLP, the length of time suited us, and it felt achievable and the correct amount of time to ensure everything we wanted to do was completed, with some extra added activities. The length of time does vary on what time you get to the parks and what time you are going home in the morning of your last day. Also, it does depend on the time the parks are open during the different seasons. For example, when we went in the Summer, we had many hours left of the park being open once we had arrived. However, when we visited in the Winter, by the time we had arrived, the park was closing in about 5 minutes. So, we couldn’t use the 1st day of our park tickets because of this. This did kind of bum me out because I was full of so much excitement, but all I could do was go to the hotel or check out Disney Village. Once you get to Disney, you just want to get in the park straight away and see the castle but that isn’t always available!

Anyway, 5 days for us on our first trip felt right. We both hadn’t visited DLP in years so there were new things to experience. However, when we then visited in Winter, 2 years later. There wasn’t that much change in the parks and we obviously could remember everything that we did previously. 

For Joe and me, 3 full days is enough for us. We do go on nearly every single ride, we meet some characters, and we obviously always eat in the parks or Disney Village. So, it’s not like we go there and do nothing and that’s why only 3 days is long enough. Although, during our first trip, we did spend one morning going to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. So that obviously took away some time of being in the Disney parks.

When we visited in Winter, we ran out of things to do and we were going on rides multiple times (which I’m not complaining about, but it does begin to feel repetitive). I think it does depend on your party size and who you’re with at Disney. For example, for two 20-year olds, we aren’t going to go on every single ride because we don’t particularly want to do the ‘kiddy’ rides. Whereas, if you were going with 2 younger kids, your nights may be shorter with them going to sleep early, you may take longer rests throughout the day and you may spend longer in the shops. 

Therefore, this blog post is probably more focused on couples and adults. I think with having 3 full days in the park, you can do everything comfortably without rushing around and feeling stressed about not achieving anything. But to be on the safe side depending on how many things you want to do; 4 days is probably the maximum required. 

When Joe and I were looking to book our Winter holiday, we didn’t actually want to do 5 days and 4 nights because we knew it was going to be too long for us, but weirdly, the price for a longer holiday was cheaper than a 3 night holiday. Of course, we took this offer and wasn’t exactly upset that we were spending longer there. 

I think something to consider though is that by spending that extra day or days there which you may not need, you will be spending more money since you need to buy meals still. So, do try and work out how long you think would be right for you.

The length of time that we have visited has allowed us to not feel the need to do extra magic hours every day. We also didn’t watch the main fireworks show every night and instead spent the night in Walt Disney Studios or getting a meal while it was quieter. To be fair though, by having that extra time in the parks, we did things we probably wouldn’t of because we had the time to. For example, we went on RC Racer, we perfected the photo opportunity on Hyperspace Mountain, we met Buzz, we rode Star Tours many times to try and see as many different scenes as possible, we took breaks within the parks with some snacks…it’s just some things that we didn’t think of doing until we had the extra time to ‘kill’.

I like the feeling of not being rushed and that we have time to relax more and just doddle along instead of marching to the next ride line. It just felt comfortable and peaceful in a way? But then it was also a bit like a ‘now what’ moment. It depends really on whether you want to have spare time to maybe not do too much or if you just want to go there and get things ticked off your list and leave.

Although, taking an idea out of mine and Joe’s experience, if you wanted and had the time spare, you could get the train into Paris for either the full day or just part of the day. I loved doing this because it honestly felt like I was walking out of this magical world back into reality but still in a place I had never seen before (does that even makes sense). It was lovely to spend the morning in Paris and do something different but then coming back to what feels like home and spending the evening in Disney. I’d recommend going into Paris if you have the time! 

To conclude, the length of time does depend on who you’re going with, when you’re going and what things you want to do while you’re there. It’s a lot to consider and you may book a certain amount of days and get there and then leave feeling upset that you didn’t achieve everything you wanted. But I guess, by that happening it just means you defiantly must visit again! The price of the holiday is also something to consider because you don’t want to go over budget and then realise you didn’t need the extra night. Personally, I think the best way of finding out what suits you and your party, is by going and then working out what you may have left to do or that you booked the correct amount of time. Once you’ve been, you’ll have an idea of how long you may need next time.

I think for myself and Joe, we will probably look to go for 3 nights next time. I’ve even debated just the 1 night just to have a Disney fix and take some photos and have a change of scenery. But even for 1 night the price is still crazy and it doesn’t feel like the price is offering me enough! I’m sure one year we will go again for 5 nights because then we can take our time again and especially when there are new bits added such as Marvel, we will then have that to take into consideration.

However, my recommendation length of time to do the holiday comfortably is 3 full days.

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