WDW Prep 6 – Disney Springs Entertainment

If you’re wanting a break from the Disney parks, then head over to Disney Springs to take part in their different activities available!

Within Disney Springs there is a range of entertainment available for all ages. Let’s talk about some of it shall we!

Firstly, something that I’m really excited about even though I’m not into the sport is the NBA Experience. Granted I think this is a random element for Disney to add but it will defo appeal to those sports lovers and keep them happy! This experience involves a shooting section where you have a small court and a visual screen behind the basketball hoop which i think looks really good. There is also a dribble section where you are in little booth style boxes where you can follow along with the trainer on the screen to learn some skills. Slingshot looks sooo cool, you place the basketball in a slingshot and try to get it in the net. Lastly is a combine section which teaches you some skills for shooting. This experience is for kids and adults and it really does look like such fun. Ticket prices are $34 which I don’t think is that bad of a price but obviously you’ve already paid for your Disney trip so this on top can be a bit of bank damage for some people! But I guess you’d only really do this if you’re really into sports…

Another sport activity available is bowling. The bowling is called Splitsville Luxury Lanes, which could be a great wind down, chilled activity to do with your family. Get out the heat, grab some food, have a sit down, a perfect few hours to take out your day to relax a bit more! We all love bowling right?

Not a sports lover? No problem! House of Blues is for you music lovers. House of Blues is a dining spot that also has live concerts. The menu is a mix of Southern and global cuisine. You can pick from salads, burgers, sandwiches, ribs and not forgetting a small choice of desserts! You can check the event calendar on the House of Blues website to find out what is happening during your WDW visit and plan a time to go here based on the music entertainment!

There is something new coming to Disney Springs in Spring 2020. This is the Cirque du Soleil. This a new show celebrating Disney animation and involves ‘jaw-dropping’ stunts. There isn’t much information about this since it isn’t out yet, but Disney advise purchasing tickets in advance. I think this show will be informative and a beautiful watch that everyone will enjoy!

Lastly, something that I would really enjoy doing is the dine-in movie at Disney Springs. The AMC Movies at Disney Springs allows you to watch a movie while eating a meal. From the photos i’ve seen of this dine-in experience, the chairs look super comfy and a cool vibe inside. Again, it’s a nice chilled, out the heat activity to do for all ages. Also, I think it’s really enjoyable when you can eat your meal while watching a movie – a pretty cool experience!

I hope this post helps you understand more about the entertainment options available at Disney Springs. it’s definitely worth looking into anything you want to do to take some time out of the manic parks and the heat!

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