Disney Halloween Films You Have To Watch!

With Halloween coming up in a matter of a few weeks, I thought that some of you may want a list of ‘Halloween’ Disney films to watch. And so that’s what I’m going to give you today! Get your drinks and snacks at the ready…it’s movie time!

⁃ Twitches: I have to start of with one of my favourite Halloween Disney film. Twitches was an essential for my childhood at Halloween time! Granted I haven’t seen it for years and I think I may have to put it on this year, but from what I remember, this film is a classic! It involves twins and magic and kinda gives me a Harry Potter vibe so if you love Harry, I’m sure you’ll love this. We love a good old Disney channel movie.

⁃ The Nightmare Before Christmas: I’m going to be honest with you guys here, I haven’t actually seen this film. I think it’s because of the word nightmare made me think as a child no way am I going to watch that (I’m not a horror film fan at all) and even when I’ve been older I still haven’t thought about watching it. But I’m going to this year! I see so many people rave about this film and love it so I’ve gotta jump on the bandwagon! It seems like this film is a must see for Halloween time so even though I haven’t seen it, I had to include it within this post!

⁃ Harry Potter: All the films (I’m not going to list all of them haha!) Personally, I consider Harry Potter as a series of films going from October to December. Since there are so many, you could spread them out and watch them over the festive, winter months! I think a lot of people associate Christmas with Harry Potter but I thought why not watch the first one on Halloween (or near Halloween) and then continue to watch one each week leading up to Christmas! Harry Potter films are just incredible!

⁃ Hocus Pocus: I’m sure this was an obvious one. SO many people love Hocus Pocus. It’s the perfect Halloween film. Plus, Disney have a lot of things relating to Hocus Pocus during their Halloween period in the parks so it fits in well with that! It’s a classic, old film (1993) so it may be one more for the young adults/adults rather than your young kid since these days the quality of films are insane and they may not like the ‘old ness’ of the film.

⁃ Monsters Inc: Understandably this isn’t exact a Halloween film but the monster side to it is (kind of???). This could be a Halloween film you could watch with the little ones. People dress up as monsters for Halloween so it has some link! Plus it isn’t exactly scary so it’s an easy watch for the seasonal time! Who doesn’t love Monsters Inc!!!

⁃ Maleficent: This film has very high ratings! There is also a new Maleficent coming out soon (literally the matter of days): Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. I think Maleficent looks great!! Her outfit is incredible and such a different take compared to the Disney princesses. But it’s still that type of film that would appeal to the younger girls The first Maleficent was released in 2014 so it isn’t that old before they’ve decided to release another one – again, clearly a very liked film!

I hope this list has helped some of you in deciding what film/films to watch this Halloween! I know I’ll be sitting down when I can and having a film day or night!

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