Birmingham Primark Disney Cafe Review

This past weekend, myself and Joe visited Birmingham mainly because of the worlds biggest Primark and the Disney Cafe inside. I’ a huge Primark fan and I actually had my first job there as a weekend shop floor assistant (working in Primark isn’t as pleasant as it may seem). Anyway, we decided to have a trip here to see what all the fuss is about!

Before we went, we did look up some reviews of the Disney cafe and it didn’t seem like it was going to be as good as I would’ve hoped. We were planning to have a small snack there but the reviews for the food were not the best which did put me off spending money in there.

Once we got to the top floor with the Disney Cafe on, the sign for it was impressive and defiantly stood out. It did make me feel excited.

One thing I really love about the design of the cafe was the big and small Mickey shaped face for the doors. I love the idea of them having a walk through bit for adults and children = kids would love this too!

Because of the reviews of the food and the fact that still even now there is a queue to get into the cafe, we decided not to eat there. I did want to because then I could review the food for you but personally for myself, I didn’t want to waste time standing in a queue when the rest of the shops were shutting soon and potentially spend money on food myself and Joe wouldn’t enjoy. Therefore, I can’t comment on the food but a simple Google research will be able to provide you with many Trip Advisor reviews of other peoples experience.

Also, the cafe was much smaller than I thought it would be, I get the fact that it’s within a shop so it can’t be massive, but from photos and videos it seemed like there was much more seating than there actually is. This probably also explains why there was still a queue to get seated in there even though it’s been open for a while now. I was quite disappointed by how little seating there was but the seating area did look good and had a huge interactive ‘iPad’ screen built into the table which I don’t see a lot in place I go, so this was impressive to think that Primark was able to have this added feature into the tables.

There was also another small area after the seating area that was interactive and had these big Mickey and Minnie lights which looked fab and are a great Insta shot! Then there was also tile lights next to this that ngl I would love to have something like that in my room! Super cool and made the cafe look better! Who doesn’t love glow up lights????

There was also a small shopping part at the end of the cafe which obviously is clever promotion for Primark to try and get a few more sales on their Disney merch.

I think the Disney cafe does look good and is a place that die hard Disney fans should go to and experience some Disney outside of Disneyland/Disney World. It’s nice to be able to have something different in the UK that is also within a shop that so many people love and that also sells brilliant Disney items. However, it did make me feel a bit let down when I actually saw it. This may of just been that I hyped it up a lot more in my head and imagined it to be bigger than it was and that’s why when I saw it I was a bit like oh is this it…It almost feels like since it is related to Disney that it should be better. Disney create everything incredible and up to the best quality but the reviews on this cafe and my personal thoughts from seeing it, does make me think, are Disney aware of this and do they know that the reviews aren’t great, like it’s Disney’s reputation at the end of the day and surely they wouldn’t want their brand/company/name being reviewed low and badly.

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