Disney themed Halloween outfit ideas

Disney have a HUGE selection of characters to dress up as for the Halloween season. Here are a few ideas of characters I would love to go as one year and that you could go as this year!

Boo – Monsters Inc
Granted, Boo isn’t a scary character, in fact she’s very adorable. But, Boo has an easy outfit to copy and any age can go as her!

All you need is:
Purple shorts or cycling shorts – I found some on Missguided for £8
A pink top – Here’s one from the men’s section in New Look for £7.99
Then white pumps, you can find these in Primark for less than £10, or even if you have white converse or vans! Alternatively, here’s some from H&M for £9.99
You could even get a black wig and tie it in pig tails and find a brown bear to hold. Oh this outfit is so cute!

Rapunzel and Flynn – Tangled
A perfect outfit for the couples out there!

Pink dress – Amazon have a great selection of dresses for either adults or children
Wig – If you have blonde hair then you could plait it, but if you did want to get a wig, again Amazon have a wide selection of wigs.
I think an extra touch for this outfit could be the frying pan (I’m sure you have one at home to use) or Shopdisney have one!

White shirt – ASOS have a fantastic similar style to Flynn’s for £40
Demin gilet – This is quite hard to pin point exactly what it is that Flynn wears over his white shirt, but maybe something like this could work? Amazon Gilet for £23-£50
Brown trousers/jeans – I found these brown jeans from H&M for £24.99
Brown belt – Burton belt currently on sale for £11.20
Brown bag – Amazon have a great bag for £17.99
Brown boots – A website called Halloween Costumes have some great boots like Flynn’s for £71.99

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