Things I’d love Disney to add to their parks

With the new features being announced at D23 Expo, it made me think what things I would love for Disney to add.

Firstly, I would seriously love Monsters Inc land. Monsters Inc was a huge part of my childhood and a film I have watched many times. I think it would be great to have a land dedicated to Monsters Inc. In this land there could be snacks designed as Sulley and Mike – these could look impressive if you could just imagine them now…a green iced cookie for Mike’s eye. An attraction they could add could be travel through the film. So, you could be in a kart and be taken through the journey of them finding Boo and then loving her and Randel being evil. I think with the different characters within the film, they could easily create a slow ride that shows the film in brief detail. Or since there are so many different monsters, like the scream competition, you could have a monster’s competition. So, you pick a monster which displays its skills to fight against another monster. This could be less terrifying than the slow mover of the film, and more interactive for kids and adults to get involved with. Personally, I would love to pick through all the monsters within the film and see what monster comes out best – would it be Sulley?

Why isn’t there a Tangled attraction yet!!! As we know, there is a Tangled area in WDW but I would absolutely love for there to be a ride to go with it. Tangled is a beautiful film which all ages love and it also revolves around a Disney Princess – what more do you need! Maybe even if it was like the Peter Pan ride but you went around in a lantern style kart which went through a dark path so your lantern would light up and you went over the different places within the film so her Tower and then ending up where she belongs, the Castle. Oh, how cute would that be! 

Even though there are many Disney snacks across all the parks, a dream of mine would be to have a shop specifically for cookies and brownies. These are my favourite treats so it would be heaven for me to walk into a shop that sold all different designs and flavors of my favourite treats. Plus, the smell of a bakery is a smell I need in a candle.

I feel like most of the things I want added to Disney is based on my favourite films…Big Hero 6. Image having an attraction where you could create and design your own Baymax. Baymax is such a loved character from Disney, so I think it would be great if people could create their own. They could include personality traits or chores or special features he could offer you. I think some elements I’d include in my Baymax would be, to supply unlimited chocolate, heat up when I’m cold, store happy memories to be played whenever, be able to fly me places and he has to be funny and sarcastic. Wouldn’t that be so fun to choose out of thousands of options how you’d want your own Baymax to be!!

Disney is incredible as it is and I love all the new elements they’ve added and are adding over the years, but these are some of my dreams that I’d love Disney to add. Leave a comment telling me your thoughts or what you’d love to see at Disney!

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