Disney Halloween Merchandise

Just like any season or event, Disney go full out with their merchandise. Now that Halloween is upon us, I thought to share with you some of my favourite Halloween items that Disney have out currently!

The items listed below and all from Shopdisney – https://www.shopdisney.co.uk/

Disney Store Jack Skellington Candle Holder

How cool is this! I absolutely love this! I think this is a great decoration to have around your house at Halloween time! Plus, you can put a candle in it if you like, but personally, I don’t think that’s essential. £12

Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Mug

THIS IS SO CUTE! If you’re a mug lover, I think you need this in your life…if I had room in my mug cupboard, this would be purchased right now! I think the design of this is nice and simple but also really clever to have ears on the pumpkin! £12

Disney Store Mickey and Minnie Halloween Door Mat

If you want to decorate the outside of your house of Halloween, how perfect is this door mat! A great touch to the scary theme but making it cute and Disney themed! This door mat will defo invite the little kids to trick or treat. £15

Disney Store Minnie Mouse Halloween Ears Headband for Adults

Could I really do a Disney merchandise post without including some ears? I don’t think so! How nice are these Halloween edition ears…I love the design and how it’s all sequins! £16

Loungefly The Haunted Mansion Mini Backpack

If you’re a halloween hardcore fan this why not splash out on this incredible backpack! This is a more expensive item but the quality of it from the reviews seems worth it. Even though this is classed as a Halloween item, this can be used any day of the year and will look so good using it around the parks. £65

Disney Store Disney Pixar Coco Shirt For Adults

One for the adults and a more subtle Halloween effect. A Coco shirt! This could be a great outfit to have if you’re visiting Disney during their Halloween season. Or even if you’re going to a Halloween party or event. £30

Disney Store Mickey Mouse Halloween Small Soft Toy

Lastly, an item for any age! Whether you collect different Mickey themed toys, or want a extra Halloween decoration to put round your house, this is a perfect item for you! £20

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