Would I ever do rundisney?

I am not the best runner there is, nor do I love running that much all the time. Last year I took part in a race for life for cancer research which was a 5K. I absolutely loved this event due to the cause and the atmosphere created on the day. It really is nice to be part of something so special and something that my family has been affected by.

Anyway, I have recently debated about doing the rundisney. Recently Joe asked me if I ever would so I thought to create a blog post about it which could help others who are currently debating it themselves!

Personally, I am not someone who likes to run far distance so if I was to do the run, I would probably go for a 5K because I know I can do it and it’s the easiest distance to cover. However, with the race for life, I feel like the atmosphere is what kept me going and therefore I wonder if I could do the 10K since running around Disney I’m sure is much more fun and entertaining where I wouldn’t even be thinking about the fact that I’m running. I don’t think I would do the marathon…i’ll leave that to the pros haha!

The pricing for the 5K run is $87 and $127 for the 10K. This is a lot of money which puts me off the idea of doing it because not only do you need to afford the actual trip and travelling, you also then need to pay this on top.

However, thinking about taking part in an event around Disney really is something special and isn’t something that everyone can say they’ve done. I truly think it would be so magical and a once in a lifetime run where you wouldn’t experience something like that anywhere else.

Also, because the run is around Disney, I defo think that would be enough motivation to make me go out and train for the run because I wouldn’t want to stop running or walk and really do my best in the best place on earth!

Would I dress up for the event? I’m not too sure…I’m someone when running can’t have things getting in their way or something annoying them because it just distracts me from the main focus which is running. So I think I would probably just go in my running clothes, although the idea of dressing up as a character is a funny idea and i’d love to see what some people dress up as!

It is something I will continue to debate and maybe even do one day in my life.

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