WDW Trip update – Thomas Cook go under

Firstly, I want to start of this post with sending my thoughts and love to everyone who has and will continue to be affected by Thomas Cook’s bust. I have used Thomas Cook over the past few years and I’ve never had any problems with them, I’ve always felt in safe hands and supported with any issues. They were my go to holiday booking company and I am devastated as to what has happened and I feel so incredibly upset for their staff. I hope the staff involved get back to their feet in no time – such a sad situation.

I thought it would only make sense to post an update about my Walt Disney World trip considering I had it booked with Thomas Cook. This weekend has been tough and all I’ve thought about is Thomas Cook and how to sort out my holiday if it was cancelled.

This trip for me is a dream come true and the feeling I’ve had since the day I booked it is gratefulness and complete excitement in knowing it was happening. However, this morning it was cancelled. In no way am I angry at Thomas Cook or mad, the only feeling I feel is upset.

Luckily, this morning I was able to find a package WDW holiday with TUI and within minutes I had my new holiday booked. The holiday is a day later but still for 14 nights. I’m so thankful that I was able to sort my holiday out and have the support of everyone around me in finding the best deal. This might all sound really dramatic for some people but when it’s been a trip that you saved for and dreamt of and spoken about almost every day, the moment it was at risk it was honestly heartbreaking.

I feel bad in wanting to be happy and excited again because of what’s happened with Thomas Cook, it’s a weird feeling to have to re-book your holiday and also be surrounded by people losing their jobs.

However, my WDW trip has been saved and I am still going the same month and time of year that I wanted. The holiday includes almost every benefit we had with Thomas Cook so I can’t complain or feel disappointed with the deal I have.

Again, just an update to make it all make sense considering I did a post about how I booked my holiday and also doing the WDW prep series.

All my love to everyone affected.

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