Would I ever go on a Disney Cruise?

I have always wondered about doing the Disney Cruise but I’m not so sure that I actually want to? While this may be a shock to some people, it just doesn’t excite me as much as what the actual parks do.

A cruise seems amazing and my grandparents went on cruises yearly. I’d love to one day do a cruise to visit different places within a short time period. So I’m not hating on cruises. Nor am I hating on Disney because obviously for some people putting Disney and a cruise together was probably the best thing in their life. And I’m sure so many people love it.

I can’t exactly say too much about it since I haven’t gone on the cruise but for me, Disney is about walking round the parks, going on the rides, smelling the amazing scents of popcorn and cookies, taking photos of all the different parts, seeing the characters as you walk around. On a cruise..there either isn’t any of this or it lacks it.

Personally I think the cruise is more for people with younger children since the cruise does everything for them and their children are able to see the characters and still have Disney fun but without the worry of losing them around the park or them crying that I can’t go on a ride because they’re not tall enough. Also, I think it’s for the older Disney fans who may not want to deal with the hassle and stress of the parks and just relax while being surrounded by Disney.

It does intrigue me to wake up on a boat and have Disney surrounded as soon as I step outside my door and to have all the magic within one place..or one boat shall we say? I do think it’s probably much more relaxing and no need to plan months ahead which I think is a main reason as to why people would enjoy the cruise. It has everything available to you in a short walk. I think it’s very clever of Disney to take a popular, easy holiday route and create a cruise based on Disney. I do see the appeal of the cruise and why it would appeal to people.

But as I said, I don’t think of Disney and think about staying on a boat and not experiencing the ‘real’ Disney. I’d much rather spend my money on a trip to the parks and experience the outside world of Disney and explore the different lands. I just don’t know if on a cruise, I’d feel limited to what Disney things there are? And whether it would be right for my age. That said, it may be an option for when I have my own kids and if I want them to experience some Disney magic but without trying to cope with it all in the parks, I could potentially see me debating the cruise for their first Disney holiday.

So who knows, maybe one day I’ll be on the Disney cruise but for now, I’d much rather be in the parks and be more involved with the atmosphere. Maybe it doesn’t help my views because I’m such a active ‘want to do everything’ person and therefore like the adventure and walking round.

I am happy to announce that I am listed as one of the Top 75 Disney Blogs – Top 75 Disney Blogs

2 thoughts on “Would I ever go on a Disney Cruise?

  1. We have only been on one Disney adventure, that was to Disney World. It was our first big family vacation and the first time flying, adventure.
    I thought about a cruse many times, now that the kids are older, full grown really, I think it could be a lot of fun.
    A return trip to Disney World will have to happen too. I need to add more Disney pictures to my blog, lol

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