Disney Q & A

I did a Disney Q&A when I first started my blog however, there are many more questions I can answer, and I feel like its time for people to get to know me more!

Favourite castle?
Even though I haven’t seen every castle in person, I actually think the Disneyland Paris castle is the best. It’s so pretty, I think mainly because of the colour. To me, it just looks more elegant and princess like. Not forgetting that you can go up the castle and see the view of the park, along with going under the castle and seeing the dragon – it’s more than just the castle. I also think it has a great picture opportunity to the side of the castle!

A ride that scares me?
I’m a huge lover of this ride but it does make me poo my pants a bit… and that ride is Tower of Terror. The drop is absolutely insane and when I’m walking on and sitting down, I feel myself shaking and then omg the anticipation of when the first drop is going to happen makes my heart beat way too fast, but I think that’s why I love it. I find it amazing that there is a ride that can make me feel that way and make me nervous (I’m a huge rollercoaster/ride fan).

A ride I don’t like?
This may upset some people, but It’s a small world is not for me. Okay right the design of it is incredible and it looks amazing I get that. But the song, even now it’s in my head just because I’ve thought of it. To me its very much a ‘we need to sit down for a bit so lets just ride this’ ride. Even though it does look great, the dolls are quite freaky and I feel like I’m being watched as I travel round…I’d rather not ride it if I’m honest but I wouldn’t object if someone wanted to (aka Joe my boyfriend)

Am I excited to see Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge?
YES YES YES! Oh, I can’t wait. The photos look insane and it’s like HOW IS THIS EVEN REAL? I think it’s truly fantastic how Disney have created the land and the way it looks and what’s involved and the rides. I’ve tried to keep the spoilers to the minimum just because Joe is going to lose his mind when we go and so he doesn’t want to know too much about it so I’m respecting that and also I want to experience it properly without knowing everything about it. However, I really can’t wait and I’m so happy I get to experience Joe seeing it for the first time!

A Princess I would like to meet?
If you’ve read my posts before, you would know I am not one for characters. Let’s say my trip to DLP at the age of 6 didn’t agree with the characters and since then I just haven’t been a fan. I’ll meet them but I get so awkward and don’t say anything to them. But a princess I would meet is Rapunzel. She’s my favourite and her dress and hair are adorable!

Donald or Daisy?
Donald. I used to watch this Donald Christmas movie every year and so I feel like he was a part of my childhood.

A snack I can’t wait to try at WDW?
The Mickey ice cream sandwich. GIVE ME IT NOW! I’m dying to have one of these after seeing everyone on this planet have one. Ice cream is a massive win for me.

Do I enjoy the fireworks show?
Oh yes, I do. The fireworks are one of my favourite times of the day. I love waiting and watching the sunset behind the castle, taking some photos, maybe eating a snack and then boom fireworks explosions!!! They’re amazing, the display is amazing, I cry every time, it makes me so emotional, the songs get to me and they make me so so happy and grateful that I am there with Joe.

I quite like doing these random Q&A’s so I’m sure there will be more!

I am happy to announce that I am listed as one of the Top 75 Disney Blogs – Top 75 Disney Blogs

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